I'm loving this weekend and it just keeps on getting better!! So once again we got up early (but not as early as Saturday) and got a good start on the day. I made steak & mushroom omelets with mozerrella cheese (had it on hand lol) and they were nummy num. After breakfast we (minus NightShade cause he wasn't exactly dry) headed out into yet another drizzly day, but this time it was a trip back in time to check out the Ft Bragg RenFaire.

So we roamed the fairgrounds & I must say it was kinda small, but there were all kinds of games, shopping, entertainment, and of course food. The morning & early afternoon were wonderful. We watched jousting & sword fighting & some Shakespearian acting, matched wits with the Apothocary, got a rose from my bunny and ate some fair food for lunch. So not healthy but oh so yummy!!!

We saw (in order of appearance) Cindy, Oceana, Lucian, Val & her kids, Cathy, Frank, Sorsha, Connor, Cathy's Dad, Michael, BJ, Josh, JT, Chrissy, Mikey, Natalie, Mandy, Olivia, Joey, and of course Tony; but Bunny & I mainly hung out by ourselves due to some "issues" that I'm not even really sure what they are. Well I know the one with Cindy but not sure of the rest.

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