Float Your Boat

Phi Phi & Milan wiped out the farewell message. I loved that Milan said just because I’m misunderstood doesn’t mean that I should do it differently. Then Chad asked Willam about the tears & Jiggly says I didn’t know Satan could cry.

Shemail & Ru’s entrance: Cruis director galore!

Mini Challenge: Wet T-shirt Realness
  • Milan ~ Wasn’t really impressed with the look, but the actions got some response!
  • Chad Michaels ~ MILF realness, Drag Cougar at the best
  • Jiggly ~ jealous much! I’m not pleased with
  • Sharon Needles ~ Playing girly might not be your thing, but you are one smoking hot chick
  • Phi Phi ~ I love the pink hair, but you fell apart just like I knew you would
  • Willam ~ totally rocking the dirty girl
  • Dida Ritz ~ not much to say
  • Latrice Royale ~ Big girl sexy

Winner: Willam!!!! You so should have known she would. So she was able to hand out the colors to the other ladies.

Main Challenge: Hope (Parade) Floats
I adore the fact that we got some history lesson with this episode. And Hell-O Willam, Chad & Sharon seem to be the leaders on the knowledge board. Phi Phi tells how she pulled herself out of the depth of child hood agony, but true or not, it’s gotten to the point that I just don’t care.

I think Willam is awesome!! Her confidence is something to behold and incorporate it into my own life. Jiggly you just need to go home, I’m tired of you crying because you can’t do anything right. PhiPhi corruptted my favorite word and I hate her more now.

Runway Time: (the pit crew water boys were too good looking for words)
  • Chad Michaels ~ Pink ~ Showgirl stunning & painted soooo pretty – I want lessons from this stunning queen
  • Dida Ritz ~ Red ~ Cute sailor girl, but it’s a little boring
  • Jiggly ~ Orange ~ Too much going on, but I love the heart U 4 U
  • Milan ~ Yellow ~ I’m not enjoying the Milan Invasion
  • Sharon Needles ~ Green ~ Love It – quirky and fun, just like this stunning Queen
  • Latrice Royale ~ Turquoise ~ So perfectly stunning (except for the boots)
  • Willam ~ Indigo Blue ~ OMG you are looking so perfectly amazing
  • Phi Phi ~ Purple ~ she painted herself pretty this week, but I still don’t like her.

Guest Judges: Kelly Osborn & Pauley Perrette (OMG OMG OMG – I JUST LOVE PAULEY – SHE IS SOOOOOO FREAKING STUNNING!!)
Challenge Winner: Willam (Willam)
Bottom Two: Milan & Jiggly (Dida Ritz & Milan)
Lip Synch: “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
Eliminated: Milan

Untucked: Kelly Osborn is TTC (Totally Too Cute). Perhaps I found my female inspiration. She’s lost a ton of weight and is now a totally girly girl.

I love that Kenya read the girls from beyond.

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