Magical Housekeeping

Whistling while I work does not come naturally for me, how about you? Especially during those repetitive tasks -- like washing dishes and sweeping floors. This is a pity because simply put, cleaning shifts energy. Making each room sparkle has an uplifting effect. Consider that if house cleaning alone shifts energy, cleaning with intent has an even greater effect. Put this theory to the test to make your spring cleaning more meaningful, enjoyable and uplifting this year. Let me know what you discover. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Set your Intent while you clean. Take some time to consider your Life Vision and hold that thought as you go about cleaning. To set your Intent, hold a vision of how you want your life to be. That vision might be a home that exudes love and harmony. Or perhaps you want your home to be a creative sanctuary. When you clean with your Life Vision firmly in mind, the energy this creates actually goes into your living space.

2. While you clean try using these affirmations, or write your own.
With each window I clean, my inner vision becomes more clear and focused.
As I polish and dust my furniture, I give thanks for the blessings in my life.
As I wash my dishes, I let go of any self-limiting thoughts.
As I sweep the floors, I affirm that this work creates a sanctuary for all who enter this house.
3. Use imagery to psychically clean your house. For instance, imagine a column of pure white light from the stars (moon, sun) that comes through your roof and fills your home until it glows. Imagine this cleansing, renewing and healing light pouring in until you can sense a shift in the energy.

4. While you clean, invite the healing forces of the four elements into your home - air, earth, fire, and water. Not only will it help you clean your home, but it has a powerful cleansing and renewing affect on your body, mind and soul.

Air (Sound and Scent)
Did you know that sound waves pass through physical forms and change the vibrational frequency of your home? As you clean, choose music to suit the mood and make your task lighter and mood brighter. Especially effective are recorded bird song; classical and baroque music such as Bach, Mozart, and Brahms; and human voice such as Gregorian Chant. For scent, try aromatherapy. I have included some recipes in the list below to show you how you can make your own natural cleaning products using essential oils.

Water is essential for our survival. It is obvious that we use water when we clean, but how often do we take it for granted? To give water its rightful respect, consider making 'special' water. Pour a pitcher of water and send it prayers. Add a few drops of flower (or environmental) essences to create elixirs with healing properties. Ceremoniously drink the water, or use in it in special cleaning rituals. However do not use essential oils for drinking purposes since some are toxic.

The main source of fire in our lives is sun, and the sun governs the cycles of nature and the changing of seasons. Spring was historically a logical time to clean because homes heated by coal or wood were coated with smoke and grime by the end of winter. Spring brought warmer weather when the hearth fire could go out and everything in the home given a thorough cleaning. Still today, the associations of spring and spring cleaning bring a sense of renewal and new beginnings for many of us.

The energy of Earth provides us with an important source of belonging and grounding. I believe it anchors the energy of the other elements. To work with the energy of the earth in your home, try a salt ritual. Salt is cleansing and grounding, and believed to have the ability to neutralize negative energy. To begin, toss sea salt around the room on the floor, especially in the corners. Leave to sit for several hours or overnight and then sweep or vacuum it up.

Aromatic plants can also be used to shift energy. The Native American space clearing technique of smudging uses aromatic herbs that are lit and allowed to smolder. This is done to remove negative energy fields around people, or to clear undesirable vibrations out of homes, to promote health and to give a blessing. Different dried herbs and plants are used such as sage, tobacco, cedar, juniper, sweet grass, pinon, red willow and mesquite. The herbs are bundled and tied (called a smudge stick), or braided in the case of sweetgrass, or they can be used loose.

The smudge is lit and as the herbs begin to flame brightly, the fire is blown out and the smoldering end is blown on gently to encourage the herbs to smolder. The smoke is brushed all over the body, front and back, with your hand or sometimes with a feather. You can pass the smoke over yourself or have a friend do it. You can then proceed to clear your entire house by brushing the smoke around the parameter of the room, paying special attention to corners. Needless to say you should always use a heatproof dish to hold the herbs, even with a smudge stick, and make sure they are completely extinguished when you are through. Also disconnect your smoke alarm (although there may not be enough smoke to actually trigger it, it definitely breaks the mood if it does - and remember to reset the smoke detector when you are through). To smudge with Intent, hold the outcome firmly in your mind and recite (or mentally repeat) words such as "I am a sacred child of God (the Creator, the Universe)" and picture yourself and your home surrounded by golden, protective energy.

Cleaning with Essential Oils
The aroma of essential oils can influence the state of mind, most notably they can reduce stress and induce relaxation. Less known perhaps is that essential oils are antiseptic and kill germs and microbes on surfaces, making them ideal for cleaning and disinfecting your home. You can use any essential oil you particularly like since almost all essential oils have germ killing properties, however I rarely use more than 3 in a cleaning blend. You do not need to use top grade oils for cleaning purposes. Always keep in mind the general safety considerations of essential oils: keep out of reach of children, and be aware that cats and birds are very sensitive to essential oils and should not be used directly in their environment. Some of my favorite blends are:

Blend suggestions:
Tea tree, lemon and lavender
Lemon, clove, and cinnamon
Pine, eucalyptus and orange

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