My Day

OMG today has been a day that will not end - but it's all good cause I'm headed home finally!

6:00am - woke up, went out for a smoke and saw snow - not a lot but flakage

6:30am - ate my breakfast & drank my coffee, then finished packing - because I totally suck at measuring I had to rinse the stupid coffee pot out like 20 times - grounds had gotten all down in the inside.
7:00am - leave hotel & head to Acena. Saw some more flakage while driving the cute little mustard yellow Kia Soul, managed to contain my excitement.

7:30-8:30am - chilled in the common area reading Festive in Death & drinking coffee & eating a blueberry muffin. Before I went all the way in for my shift - back out for a smoke.

8:30am-1:00pm - worked on circle flows for 5 AnswerOne accounts - apparently I catch on quickly & Anna is happy. 

1:00-1:45pm - pictures with the lovely ladies and Anna got me the abso cutest key chain.

1:45-3:00pm - trying to get to a gas station, the rental car agency and ultimately to the airport

3:00-3:30pm - lunch at Five Guys in the airport

3:30-4:00pm - relaxing - totally relaxing for the first time in almost 2 weeks. I came, I learned, I didn't get go terribly lost, I made some new friends, I did indeed miss Grandma's 105th birthday dinner but I can bake her a cake or cookies this weekend to make up for it.

4:00-5:45pm - play jump through hoops for the airport, first I got "randomly selected" for additional scanning, then the rest room is 2000 miles from the gate, then my flight gets swapped from gate 4 to 2 to 4 to 2 to 4

5:45-6:20pm - boarding plane, sitting next to complete jackass and his "coworker" (is that what they are calling a lover now) across the way acting like they are all of 13 years old. The "coworker" snapped my pic and when I stood up for myself it was fucking WW3 up in this joint.

620-8:30pm - long fucking flight, evidently traffic jams are not just for the road ways anymore.

8:30pm - hugging & kissing my Bunny for the first time since Monday!

9pm - in the car & headed home FINALLY! I can't wait to see my little guy.

Freaking scared to death

Okay this isn't something that I would usually do but I'm leaving in the morning to go out of town for business trip and I am scared out of my mind. Its like really I work from home for a reason so that way I don't have to go out anywhere and definitely not out of town and definitely not out of state. Now my job is sending me to New York in January by myself. I don't even know how I'm going to cope with this but we shall see. Packing is all done and everything's ready to go. Just gotta make sure NightShade in the suitcase before I leave in the morning.

Yeah I travel with my bear.

My Muse Wants

I was reading an article (don't shoot me, I'm not sure where it was - popped up in my Google+ feed and now I can't find it) about what fuels the Muse.

I did a lot of thinking and sleeping and dreaming about this - when I woke up this evening it was perfectly clear to me.

My Muse wants

  • Chocolate & Coffee & medium rare Ribeye steaks
  • Cuddles & giggles from my Bunny
  • Sleeping late with NightShade
  • Blanket forts & cookies
  • Bento making 
  • iPod playlists
  • Texty conversations that make me laugh out loud (thank you Shining Star)
  • Pretty little birds flocking around the feeders
  • Snuffly snuggles from my sweet Divo
  • Flowers for no reason 
  • Just Because gifts
  • Wasted time well spent
  • Trips to the beach & the mountains & DC & adventure
  • Painted nails & pretty hair
In other words, my Muse needs me to stop and refill as often as needed because I empower her just as much as she empowers me. She needs me to stop putting everyone else first and occasionally put my foot down and say No - I need my me time.

Journal 52: Just Be

Canson Mix Media spiral bound 98lb paper
The Fine Touch Gouche paints (background & flowers)
Letraset Aquamarkers (stems & Be)
Black Painters paint pen

LifeBook: Whimsical Lettering

This artwork is a piece of me brought out by LifeBook - a year long journey into art journalling & healing.

DLP: Goal Keeping

You Are Magical

Gotta love a Bunny that understands you!