My Day

Okay, so I've been sick - like stay in bed, taking meds, off work per doctor's orders, coughing up a storm sick, but today I had to reenter the world at large.

I woke up at 6am, got dressed and hit the grocery store to pick up food for the week. Spent roughly an hour and $100 to get restocked. My normal clerk ran the groceries & helped me out. Loaded everything into the car and headed home.

Unloaded the cold groceries and took them out to the lean to. Went back and got the rest of the groceries, took them inside, put everything away.

Started Greek Chicken in the crock pot.

Took my antibiotic.

Went back to bed.

Good advice (that I need to take)

A song that makes me happy

There is just so much happies with this song.

If it don't skinny my thighs!

December Happies

1. What’s your happy place?
2. Post a link to a song that makes you feel happy.
3. Share something (It can be anything: a photo, a GIF, or advice) for someone who might be going through a tough time.
4. Tell me how your day went.
5. Color something pretty
6. What does your dream world look like?
7. Create an emoji spell for self-care, happiness, positivity, or all three!
8. Make a list of three (or more!) things you like about yourself.
9. Write a post where you cheer yourself up after a bad day.
10. Color another picture!
11. What’s your favorite self-care activity
12. 2016 was a rough year. Make a list of good things that happened.
13. Cheer someone up today. What are some things you can do to make a friend in need feel better?
14. Make a list of everything you do for self-care.
15. Create a list of all the things you like about a friend or family member - share it with them.
16. All of a sudden—a Dementor appears! You are about to cast a Patronus Charm. What would your favorite positive memory be?
17. Make a list of everything you’re proud of accomplishing this year.
18. Share a playlist of songs you can listen to if you need cheering up. 
19. Spend 10 minutes looking through the net today. Send something cool to your blog.
20. Eat your favorite food today. Wait, post a picture of it first.
21. Make a 2017 to-do list of positive things for yourself.
22. Illustrate one nice thing you’ll do for yourself today.
23. Make a list of things you can do for yourself when you’re feeling down.
24. Color again today!
25. Take a mental health day.
26. Share a video that makes you happy.
27. Make a list of five positive affirmations to live by.
28. Draw something that makes you happy! Anything you want: a plant, a tree, a food, a person, a cat.
29. What's on your agenda for NYE!
30. What is your word of the year for 2017?
31. It’s NYE! Make a list of things you’re looking forward to in the new year.

My happy place...

... is definitely my bed. I just love the fact that I can curl up with my 20+ pillows, snuggly blanket, teddy bears and watch cartoons. My number one happy place.

Strengthen Your Will

To strengthen your will, stand at the bottom of a steep hill.

Call upon the energy of the Earth, reaching deep into her center and feeling her energy flowing up through your feet and throughout your body. Take three deep breaths, and begin to climb.

When you arrive at the top of the hill, turn slowly clockwise three times and look at the view, as you offer thanks to the mother, to the universe, and to the power within yourself for you discipline and will in reaching the top. Breathe deeply, reflecting on what you have accomplished and what you will now be able to accomplish.

Feel the energy of earth beneath you, close your eyes, tun slowly clockwise three times, and look down at the ground. Find a small token from the mother to take with you as a reminder of what you have learned about yourself.

Wowser - What an October

Checking In With Myself

Monthly Goals for October
  • Clean & Cleanse Magic Lamp
  • Set up altar
  • Decorate the Magic Lamp (outdoors)
  • Visit 5 Haunted Houses (total has totally changed due to Hurrican Matthew flooding NC) ~ Only made it to 1 Haunted house and the Zombie Walk but hey life gets in the way sometimes
  • Watch my Halloween movie list ~ 27 out of 35 ain't bad considering we were without power for a grand total of 6 days this month
  • Go to a pumpkin patch 
  • Make my way out of a corn maze ~ most of the ones in this area were flattened by the storm
  • Get my butt back to working out 5 nights a week (just modify those surrenders bitch) ~ eh, hasn't happened yet
  • Drink more water
  • Dye my hair deep chocolate red
  • Wear at least one real outfit a week - with make up & hair done! ~ so half done
  • Continue a post per day here ~ total fail
  • Manage to work in my BuJo every day
  • Get back to my pamper days - I miss thems so very much (aka every Friday do a pamper activity or more) ~ yeah failed at this one too
  • Deep clean and redecorate bedroom ~ failed
  • Deep clean bathroom
  • Deep clean top rack
  • Buy paint boxes
  • Reorganize paints in new boxes
  • Buy wine rack
  • Set up markers/pencils in wine rack
Not on the Goals List but Completed!

  • Added outside dining area
  • Learned a new skill with zombie make up - made my own prosthetic
In the realm of Earth 

My physical body is starting with the aches & pains again, I have been following the eating plan portion of 21 Day Fix most of the time, but I have been failing on the exercise portion and it is starting to tell on me. I've had a headache for over a week now and can not determine the physical cause of it. 

My work seems to be a more draining experience each and every single day. It is pulling at my feet like concrete boots in the river. I have lost the joy of going to work. I have lost connections with so many of my tribe, but at the same time, increased the communication levels with the online tribe. I feel discombobulated most days. 

I am feeling stagnant and stale - I need to reconnect with my priority list next month.

In the realm of Air

I have been feeding my mind a lot of fluff and candy this month. Letting the pettiness of the day intrude on my relaxing times. Letting the blarg seep in and swirl around and have an extended stay. My anxiety levels are through the roof as are my depression tags. Nothing has interested me this month. 

I did add a new skill to my bank but learning how to make halloween prostehetics by using hot glue. That was kinda fun.
In the realm of Water

I am feeling lost and out of touch lately. My heart has been heavy and sore. This time of year was the busiest with used to be friends and I am feeling that disconnect so much right now that it isn't even funny. And the really sad thing, I didn't even realize that that was probably the biggest issue until I typed those words. 

My relationships are very very rocky. It's almost feels like I want to shut everyone (family, friends, critters, Bunny) out so they do not have the power to hurt me in the future. I know that is not a valid reason for shutting people out, but that is where I am right now. 

In the realm of Fire

My passion is quiet right now, my fires are quiet right now. Cloaked in a blanket of sadness.

In the realm of Spirit

I have fallen so far to the wayside in my spiritual work. I have let life intrude far far too much.

Setting Up For Success

Monthly Goals

  • Decorate patio for Christmas
  • Decorate dining area for Christmas
  • Decorate entry way for Christmas
  • Start Christmas shopping
  • Carolina RenFaire
  • Create morning ritual
  • Create evening ritual
  • Continue to refine BuJo
  • Add collections/lists to BuJo - look for the best ones
  • Add TV tracker to BuJo & phone
  • Art every day ~ use that junk journal!

In the realm of Earth 

I need to start working out again, and maintaining my eating pattern (minus the chocolatey splurges). I also need to restart my meds. I want to work on firming my body up.

  • Work out 5 nights a week
  • Take a walk at least once a week
  • restart my pamper me days

In the realm of Air

My mind is very tired right now, but I think that is because I am not challenging myself any more. I need to resume logic puzzles and quizzes. I also need to make sure that I am not just feeding it junk.

In the realm of Water

My subconscious is trying to tell me that the pain of losing such a close friend is still there and will in all likeliness remain there for a long time coming. I need to feel the feels and then let them go.  

In the realm of Fire

The only "new" passion is my art - wrapping up the classes that I have taken and securing the ones for next year. 

In the realm of Spirit

I need to sit with the below questions and find out what is calling to my spirit. What adventures can connect me to my witchy side this month? How can I tap into to allow spirit to fill me on a daily basis? Do I need to increase meditation & alone time?