Ancestor Ritual

Purpose: To honor the ancestors and friends whom have gone before us. This ritual also gives honor the witches and pagans that died before us in the Burning Times.

Tools and Ingredients: One large black candle in a high sitting holder, birthday candles (white), sand, a cauldron, a God and Goddess candle.

Procedure: Gather all the supplies and place them on the altar table. Put the sand into the cauldron.

Cast the circle.
Call the quarters.
Invoke the deities.

Say "Crone, Goddess of the Cauldron of rebirth, on this night when the wall is thin we invoke you. Lady of the Summerland, matron of death and rebirth, in this rite we honor you and our ancestors. We invoke ye wise crone! So mote it be!"

"Lord of winter and of shadowed sleep, co-ruler of the under world we invoke thee! So mote it be!
Light the black candle."

Say: "We light this candle to all the witches and pagans that died in the Burning Times. We honor their sacrifice for our freedom. So mote it be!"

Say: "We call our ancestors and other positive spirits to this circle to share in our honoring rite. We stir only those who can and wish to come. This rite is in your honor."

Anyone present may light candle(s) in memory of friends, family, pets, etc. and place them into the cauldron. Feel free to say a few words or remain silent.

Thank the ancestors.

Thank the deities.

Thank and dismiss the corners.

Uncast the Circle.

Say: "And So Mote It Be"

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