Circle Etiquette

*Arrive on Time! Being late is rude.

*Introdue yourself to the hostess and say a quick hello.

*Don't wander around.

*Don't touch anything.

*It is not OK to bring along an uninvited person.

*Focus - don't chit-chat.

*If you don't need it, don't bring it.

*Ask before putting anything on the Alter.

*Ask how you should be dressed.

*Do not bring your dog. Unless you have been invited to.

*Take a bath or shower before coming.

*Be on your good behaviour

*It's okay to ask questions.

*Before the circle begins - go to the bathroom, drink some water, do whatever you need to BEFORE the circle begins.

*Be very careful around the fire.

*Don't Cause A Scene.

*Participate fully.

*Help Cleam Up

*Thank the hostess for a nice ritual.

*Go Home afterwards!

*Good manners never go out of fashion!

*After the circle - do not tell outsiders who else was at the Circle. Do not greet publicly someone you see again with reference to the Circle gathering.

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