Direction - north
Gender - female
Energy - receptive, reactive
Qualities - cold and dry, heavy and passive
Colors - brown, black, green
Magickal phrase - to keep silent
Season - winter
Hour of day - midnight
Time of life - old age/death
Celtic name - tuath
Magickal tools - pentacle, crystals, stones
Point of pentagram - Lower left
Types of magick - fertility, tree magick, herbs, prosperity, runes, knot magick, growth, nature, animals, all matters relating to money, thankfulness
Animals - bull, sphinx, bear
Alchemical symbol - upside down triangle with a line through the middle
Elemental spirit - gnomes
Nature - mountains, caves, gems, fields, rocks, forests
Parts of body - bones, sex organs, legs
Human senses - touch
Goddess Aspect - Crone
Keys - Law Principle, Solidity
Reflection in humanity - the physical body
Virtues - strength, endurance, commitment, responsibility, thoroughness, practicality, wisdom, patience, sense of timing, reliable, stability, perseverance
Vices - dullness, lack of conscience, melancholy, boredom, inertia, stagnation, hoarding of resources (including information), greed, materialism
Excess - body heaviness, general lack of energy, inertia, materialism, narrow-mindedness
Shortage - spaciness, hyper-activity, instability, unreliability, careless
Stage in the cycle of creation - the idea manifests in material form, building a solid foundation for the next idea.
Emotions - sense of security, confidence in your own strength, ability to ignore minor sources of irritation, desire to just sit down and do nothing.

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