Almond money, practicality, wisdom, aphrodisiac, compassion, fertility, love
Amber self-confidence, general wellness, settling, end to turmoil, peace
Ambergris animals, aphrodisiac, commanding, passion, increase power of spells
Apple Blossom love, healing, garden magic, immortality
Bayberry luck, tranquility, well-being, wealth, harmony, prosperity, material items
Black Cherry love, to attract, stimulate, divination, discovering/opening emotions
Carnation protections, strength, healing, energy, love
Cedar healing, purification, money, clairvoyance, consecration, divination, gain, strength
Chocolate soften hearts of foes, gentleness
Cinnamon spirituality, success, psychic powers, lust, meditation, good luck
Citronella attracts friends & customers, drives away evil
Clove protection, exorcism, love, money, memory, stops gossip, spellbreaking
Coconut purification, protection, chastity, beauty, fertility, gain
Cranberry protection, self-love, courage, survival, festivals of the Harvest
Eucalyptus healing, protection, renewal, consecration, opening of bronchial tubes
Frangipani attracts love, respect & admiration, others will tell you secrets
Frankincense protection, exorcism, spirituality, spellbreaking, wisdom, magic
Gardenia love, peace, healing, stops gossip, stops others from causing strife
Heliotrope exorcism, prophetic dreams, healing, wealth, invisibility, cheerfulness
High John money, love, success, happiness, mental abilities
Honeysuckle wealth, psychic powers, protection, fidelity, weddings, prevents theft
Jasmine love, money, dreams, rest, weddings, sensuality, aphrodisiac, fertility
Lavender longevity, keeps secrets, peace, luck, divination, purification
Lemon increase power of spells, strength, beauty, friendship, love, purification
Lilac exorcism, protection, recall past lives, memory enhancement, protection
Lily of the Valley mental powers, happiness, modesty, protection
Lotus protections, lock-opening, love, attraction
Musk commanding, confidence, courage, luck, passion, success, sensuality, aphrodisiac
Myrrh protection, exorcism, healing, spirituality, endings, magic, luck, spell-breaking
Nag Champa Temple incense to repel evil or negativity, cleanse the place
Narcissus calmness, harmony, peach of mind, sweet dreams
Orange divination, money, luck, highly magnetic for love, harmony, power
Orange Blossom weddings, brings proposals, love, luck, wealth, fertility, happiness
Orchid love, aphrodisiac, beauty, meditation, helps focus, memory
Patchouli money, fertility, lust, spell-breaking, magic, exorcism, increase power of spells
Pennyroyal strength, protection, peace, endings, harmony, release, love, tranquility
Peony protection, exorcism, luck, business, success, good fortune
Peppermint purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers, wealth, transformation
Pine healing, fertility, protection, exorcism, money, compassion, divination, magic
Pineapple luck, money, chastity, to draw back a lover
Plumeria love, makes people take notice
Poppy fertility, love, sleep, money, luck, dreams, wealth, prosperity, consolation
Rain lifts the spirits and softens sad memories, instills confidence
Rose beauty, compassion, luck, harmony, weddings, love, magic, peace
Sage to keep secrets, wisdom, protection, wishes, meditation, clear negative forces
Sandalwood protection, wishes, healing, exorcism, spirituality, meditation, success
Strawberry love, luck, beauty, clairvoyance, attraction, love, fertility
Sweet Pea friendship, chastity, courage, strength, attracts friends and lovers
Tangerine excites the senses and heightens one's sexual responses
Vanilla love, lust, mental powers, good fortune, happiness
Violet protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peach, healing, fidelity, honesty, harmony
White Rose inner peace, serenity, personal & spiritual strength
Wintergreen protection, hex-breaking, healing, animals, luck, money
Wisteria attracts helpful spirits, knowledge, inspiration

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