A Paganing

The Altar is to be placed in the northern sphere of the circle.

Needed Items:
A large white candle.
2 smaller taper candles
Candle holders, matches and a candle sniffer to extinguish the ritual candle.
A chalice filled with blessed water and a small ceremonial dish.
A small decorative towel.
Oil for anointing the child. (For a new born, the oil should be diluted 1 to 3 parts with baby oil so as not to create any skin irritations.)
A masculine tool, such as a wand, or athame.
A ceremonial broom
A rope made of natural fibers to define the ritual circle. The rope should be able to encompass an areas 5-6 feet in diameter. Or larger if guests will be joining you inside the circle.

The Circle:
The parents or guardians should cast the circle.

Fold the cotton rope in equal halves to find the center.

The parents stand outside the position of the circle, laying the center section on the ground and on the outside of the altar.

Moving in opposite directions, the parents lay the remainder of the rope on the ground, until the circle is defined and the ends are aligned together in the south.

A small opening should be left to allow the parents and the child a means of entry into the circle.

If you want to make a circle big enough to also encompass any guests, family members or witnesses, you can. Just make sure you have a large enough continuous rope.

Otherwise, your guests can stand along the outside of the circle.

Enter The Circle:
Once the circle has been laid, the mother should take the child in her arms, or by the hand. The father stands before the entry way and states the intent of the gathering.
In the name of the God/Goddess, I (your name), and my partner (his/her name), enter this sacred circle for the purpose of honoring a new life and welcoming (child's name) into our spiritual family.

The father stands to one side and allows the mother and child to enter the circle first. If any guests are to enter, now is the time for them to do so.

When everyone is inside, the father enters the circle, placing a ceremonial broom across the opening, closing the circle to set and protect the divine ritual space.

Evoke the God/Goddess:
You can use the generic Maiden, Mother, Crone and God, or you can evoke a specific deity of your choosing. But the Gods must be present to bless the child.
Both parents can stand or kneel before the altar.

Together, hold the baby and verbally present the child to the deities.

State the child's given legal name, then magikal or craft name.

It is customary for the child to use this magikal name in ceremonies and ritual until their Coming of Age ritual. At that time, the child can choose to retain the name given here, or create their own.

It is important to give some serious thought to the magikal name you are bestowing on the child. Names are very important to the Celts, and carry with them a great deal of energy. The name should reflect the child's characteristics, or your hopes for the child's future.

The presentation might go something like this:
Great Spirits, In this sacred space, we present to you (child's legal name), who we welcome into our magikal family as (child's magical name). We ask for your blessings, as we dedicate him/her to you as a child of the Old Ways. This blessing we ask, will not bind him/her to this spiritual path, nor do we invoke our will upon him/her. Rather it is an act of love, for (child's name), to be blessed, protected and guided until he/she is wise enough to choose a spiritual path and place for him/herself.
The father should light one of the small candles to represent the flame of life that has been lit within the child. Hold the child up for the blessing from the God. The father should take the athame, or which ever masculine tool you choose. Hold it up to the God until you feel his presence and energy merge with the athame. Lightly place the tool upon the crown of the child's head. Give the blessing to the God.
Through the Lord, (Dieties' name), we give you the blessings of strength, perseverance and truthfulness. We bestow upon (child's name), the qualities of kindness, mercy and unconditional love. We present you with a loving family, cherished friends and kinship with nature. We bless you with knowledge, loyalty and the gifts of communication and expression. Blessings be to Thee.

Anoint the Child:
Replace the athame upon the altar. The parents should switch roles at this point. The father takes the child and mother takes the oil from the altar. The mother pours a small amount of oil from it's container into the ceremonial dish. Then add a small amount of the blessed water from the chalice. As you mix the ingredients, state your intent:
To the Lady (Diety Name), I ask for your blessing of this water of life, and oil of spirit. Please allow the two mix in balance and ease, in divine purpose and filled with the light and love of your hands.

The Mother, lights the second small candle to represent the light of the divine spirit which shines through the innocence of the child. Set the ceremonial dish within reach, but still on the altar. Take your right hand and dip your finger tips into the mixture. Place the oil on the soles of the child's feet, then on top from the ankles to the toes. Give the blessing:
In the name of the Maiden, I bless (child's magic name) your feet that they might always walk along the straight and blessed path. Blessings be to Thee.

Dip your fingers again and place the water on the womb or genital area of the child.
Give the blessing:
In the name of the Mother, I bless your center of creation and creativity, that you might be fruitful and abundant in all your endeavors within this life. Blessings be to Thee.

Dip your fingers a third time and place the mixture upon the child's forehead.
Give the blessing:
In the name of the Crone, I bless your mind that it might always seek knowledge, truth and wisdom so might grow to spiritual enlightenment. Blessings be to Thee.

Set the chalice, dish and oil to one side of the altar and dry your hands with the small towel.

Later, as your cleaning up, you might pour the remainder of the mixture from the dish on the towel. Set it in a clean area where it can dry, then use it as a fragrance enhancer in the child's dresser or closet or even a hope chest if you have prepared one.

Spiritual Dedication:
Holding the child together again, each parent places their free hand upon the base of the candle they lit during the ceremony. Give the blessing:
Little (child's magic name), you are now one of the magical folk. May you forever be surrounded by their love and support, and always know you may turn to your God or Goddess in time of need or thanksgiving. With our love and devotion we stand watch over your path as the tools and guides of the Great Spirits, this is our vow of love and responsibility.

Each parent lifts their candle and together lit the larger white candle in the center. Set the individuals candles back on the altar and state
Blessings be to The.

Family Presentation and Closing:
Together the parents turn from the altar and present the child to the guests and family who might be present. If you are home alone, don't forget the family pets (if there are any) should also be presented out of respect. If you are alone, you can exit the circle. The father lifts the ceremonial broom and escorts mother and child out of the ritual space.

Turn back to the circle and state:
Our thanks and gratitude to the forces that be present, to the Lord and Ladies, the guides and guardians. We close this sacred circle and return this space back to it's original state. Blessings be to all.

Step back from the circle.

The ceremony is now concluded, but you still have some clean up to do. Mom should care for the child and Dad should snuff out the 2 small candles. The larger candle should be placed on a mantle or as a center piece on the dining room table for a small celebration meal. The candle should be allowed to burn for a minimum of 1 full hour. But do not leave the candle un-attended. When it's time to extinguish the flame, snuff it out with the candle snifter.

Clean up your ritual space and altar. Then join in a celebration of life and spirit.

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