What to Wear: Party Version

From casual celebrations to cocktail soirees and decked-out dinner parties, here are tips for making one tasty and tantalizing entrance.


Kitchen Couture Even when you're the one doing all of the slicing and dicing, you don't have to throw on a frumpy sweats ensemble. Long before guests arrive, you may want to feel fashionable while getting cozy with the Cuisinart. Slip into some sassy flare-leg yoga pants and a long fitted t-shirt, along with a pair of cushy flats. Add a cheerful apron to keep you splat-free. Now that you're the most stylish chef in the neighborhood, put on some fun music to help avoid last-minute stress.
Creative Cocktails You can always go with the everlasting little black dress.... Or you can show off your creative side with something more colorful. Try a sexy, jewel-tone wrap dress and a pair of peep-toe heels (that you can walk in for more than thirty seconds!). Or go with a pair of flat front, flared slacks, a dainty camisole, cardigan, and kitten heels. The finishing touch to either outfit--a few layered gold necklaces and an oversized cocktail ring.
Dashing Dinners Pour on the sophistication with a flowy knee-length skirt, fitted v-neck sweater, chunky necklace and feminine pair of flats. Or go for contemporary elegance with a great dress, dangle earrings, and wedge heels. Be mindful of any dress with bell sleeves, as you could end up in that big bowl of creamed spinach!
Polished Potlucks Casual gatherings, such as potlucks or Sunday night pizza-and-Tivo get-togethers, call for dark wash jeans with a cotton button-down shirt and a pair of mules. A pair of earrings (studs or small hoops) and a cuff bracelet are all you need for perfection.

Makeup Mission Stick with the Foxy 5: a bit of cover-up, a dusting of powder, neutral blush all over for glow, mascara, and lip gloss. That's it-the only essentials you ever need for a flawless face!
Beautiful Bling Don't overdo it on jewelry--strive for a look that's effortless, not fussy. You might not want to loudly jingle your way through a party with too many bracelets or too much bling.

Holiday Hair Another thing to stay simple with: hair. Especially when you're hosting a gathering, it's not the best time to experiment with a high-maintenance ‘do that may come tumbling down halfway through the appetizer course.
Forever Fresh Make sure your breath stays clean even through the most anchovy-and-garlic-laden Caesar salad by popping a mint between courses. And if you've been cooking, rub your hands with a stainless steel utensil to get the smell of garlic and onion off them.

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