Animal Meanings

AnimalTraits/MeaningsSpecific Part/EmphasisMeaning
Alligatoraggression, survival, adaptability
Antteam player, worker
Armadilloactive, nocturnal, protection
Batguardian of the night, cleaner
Bearpower, adaptabilityPawstrength, mobility
Beaverbuilder, gather
Bobcatfierce, loner intensity
Buffalosacredness, life builderSkullsacredness, reverence for life
Bullstrength, warning
Butterflymetamorphisis, carefree, transformer
Camelweary, enduring
Catindependence, grace, healing
Cougarleadership, courage
Cowpatience, stoicism
Coyoteprankster, insight, playful
Cranesolitude, independence
Deerlove, gentleness, kindness
Dogloyalty, protection
Dolphinkindness, play, bridge man to ocean
Dovelove, peace, gentleness
Dragonwisdom, nobility
Dragonflyflighty, carefree, illusion, dream
Eagledivine spirit, connection to creator
Elephantlong life, self-preservation
Elkstrength, agility, freedom
Foxcunning, provider, intelligence
Frogconnection with water element
Giraffewatchfulness, mobility
Goatstubborn, omnivorous
Goosefaithful, communicative, traveler
Gorillabrute strength, adaptibility
Grizzly Bearhunter, nature's pharmacist
Hawkmessenger, stopper of time
Hippolinking water and earth, survival
Horsestamina, mobility, strength
Hummingbirdmessenger, stopper of time
Kangaroofeisty, funloving
Lionpower, strength, respect
Lizardconservation, agility
Loonsolitude, song, romance
Manateepeaceable, unassuming
Monkeyplayfulness, agility
Mooseheadstrong, unstoppable, longevity
Mousetimid, secretive, sneaky
Orcafocus, power
Ostrichfickle, fast moving
Otterlaughter, curiosity, truth, patience
Owlwisdom, perseverance
Pandaplayful, kindness
Pegasuscarrier of lightning
Pelicanever watchful, grace
Penguinplayful, loving
Pheasantconfidence, attrsction, perseverance
Pigintelligence, hunger
Polar Bearfearlessness, power
Quailsacred spiral, ceremonial, Holy
Rabbitalertness, resourceful
Raccoonbandit, shy, determination
Ramnew beginning, teacher, hoarder
Raptorspeedy thief
Raventrickster, mischievous
Rhinodurability, strength
Road Runnerspeed, agility, cleverness
Salmoninstinct, persistence, determination
Scorpiondefense, self-protection
Seahorseconfidence, grace
Sharkhunter, survival
Skunkwary, conspicious, intense
Snakeshrewdness, transformation
Spidercreative, pattern of life
Squirreltrusting, innocence
SteerSkullsilent testimony
Swangrace, balance, festive
Thunderbirdcaller of rain
Turkeysmart, elusive
Turtleself-contained creative source
Unicornredemption, salvation, spirit, youth
Water Buffaloenormus strength, hard working
Whalewisdom, power, cleanser
Wolfloyalty, success, perseverancePawfreedom, success, guidance
Zebrafamily-oriented, alert
Zuni Beargood health

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