Baby Blessing

The timing of this ritual is up to the parents, but waiting for a waxing to Full Moon is probably best for positive growth energies. If done at home, the crib can be decorated with daisy, lavender, and parsley for protection and bounty. If performed elsewhere, the parents may wish to carry sprigs of fresh herbs which have significant symbolism and keep these with the child during the ritual. Afterwards, dry them as a keepsake. This ritual, sometimes called Wiccanning, often marks the naming of the child and welcomes a new soul to this world.

"A canopy of eventide spreads dark from out the glen,
With ravens wings, a rising moon, and blessings that we send.
To you, our friends, we build a bridge to span the air and sea,
With beams of light and lavender that magic might move free.
To touch the hearts of those we love,
This child whom now, we bless
With songs of hope and harmony, sealed with a holy kiss
We call upon the Goddess Minne, to hold _________ in Her arms
With hands of warmth and comforting,
And keep you ever safe from harm."

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