Emergency Clothing Supplies

Supplies for your emergency kit

sturdy boots
comfortable cross-training shoes
extra shoe laces
slip-resistant flip-flop sandals (such as pool shoes or boating sandals)
socks (many pairs)
thermal underwear
water resistant cold weather coat
water resistant wind breaker
oversized long sleeve shirt
sweat shirt
sturdy belt
sweat pants
wide brim hat
sun glasses with SPF protection
cold weather knit hat
sturdy working gloves
waterproof gloves for cold weather
large bandanas (can be used as a headband, a face mask, a tourniquet, etc.)
laundry detergent
optional: washboard and hand-crank wringer (they may be old fashioned but they were invented because it's easier than washing without them)
sewing kit
optional: sewing machine (some are battery powered while others can be cranked by hand; useful for larger projects)

I go through these phases of wanting to be the best prepared for anything: Zombie Attack, Plague, WWZ, Etc - occasionaly posts like this help me to focus.

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