Fairy Castles

Items needed:
play sand
food coloring
bucket and small containers
scrap piece of wood or very strong cardboard
assorted small shells, shiny stones and rocks, or broken glass

Carry everything outside in the shade, this makes a mess!
In the bucket, pour in a a few cups of sand.
Mix in another container at least 1:4 ratio of water to glue, 1/2 and 1/2 water and glue is preferrable. Stir until well mixed.
Pour the water/glue mixture over the sand, thouroughly mixing it and wetting it. It should be drippy when you pick it up; about the consistency of pancakebatter.
Add sand if needed.
If you don't want your hands to get all gooey, put on latex gloves.
Mix in the glitter and stir!
Separate the wet sand into the smaller containers and add the food colorings of choice. Pastles work well.
Build a tradtional sand castle with all the trimmings.
Too tall towers tend to fall and break if they don't have a thick enough base; if this happens, simply scoup up the sand, rewet, and redrizzle.
Decorate the outside of your castle with the shells and stones and broken glass, being sure to fit the sharp edges deep into the sand. Allow to dry slowly in the shade and enjoy!

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