Fairy Wings

A fairy can't do without her wings, so I've also whipped up a few diagrams and easy step-by-step instructions to make your fairy costume wings:

1. Start by creating the fairy wire wings. Take a coiled roll of 9-gauge aluminum wire (available at hardware stores) and cut a 16-foot piece (a bit more than what you'll be needing, but it's always better to have a bit more just in case). Bend the wire in half and then twist a small loop at the bend (if you need, use pliers).

2. Then, about 8 inches up from the loop, form a large wing shape from the wire and do the same with the other side (just follow the diagrams below and you'll be fine). Close the wings with a twist (Note: the wings can be bent into different shapes).

3. Take another piece of wire and connect between both wings, creating a triangle

4. Make the top section of the costume wings by twisting each part to look like two smaller parts of the wing.

5. Cut the legs off a pair of queen-size panty hose (any color you choose). Stretch one leg over the bottom part of a wing, secure with a pipe cleaner, and stretch the excess over the top part of the wing. Repeat on the top and bottom of the other side.

6. Tie the middle of a 7-foot piece of ribbon to the bottom of the triangle (where the loop is). Thread the ribbon around the triangle so the costume wings can be worn like a backpack.

Now you can fly!

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