"Bunny May I?"
The "Bunny" stands at one side of the room or playground area. (To make it extra fun, make a set of ears from the Ostra crafts section and have the "Bunny" wear them.)

The rest of the children line up at the opposite end of the room or playground.

The "Bunny" calls on each of the other children in turn, who then must ask if they can move by saying, "Bunny, may I move____ jumps, giant steps, hops, baby steps etc."***

The "Bunny" gives the other players permission to move by saying,"Yes, you may" or "No, you may not."

The object of the game is to cross the space to the "Bunny" and tap him/her on the shoulder. The first to touch him/her is the next "Bunny". Children can try to move up when the Bunny isn't looking at them, but if they are caught cheating, they must go back to the beginning.
***An alternative way to play is by having the "Bunny" tell the other players how many steps and what kind of steps to take e.g.:"Billy, you may take 3 hops" to which Billy replies, "Bunny, may I?"

Egg Race
This is another fun game for kids of all ages. Little kids will have a difficult time just learning how to lean over and push the egg. You can make it more difficult for older children by placing obstacles in their way.

Use real hard-boiled eggs or plastic eggs with something inside to give them a little weight (we use small plastic bags of bird seed so that if there are "accidents" no one would be hurt and it won't hurt the environment either.)

Children line up at one side of the room or playground

The object of the game is for the children to push the eggs across the finish line WITH THEIR NOSE. No hands allowed! (The hardest part of the race is usually stopping the gales of giggles long enough to actually finish the course.)

Should someone finish the course, the prize can be a special decorated egg or basket of eggs.

Ostara Egg Hunt

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