More Page Ideas

And as soon as I figure out how to upload them, I'll post them here. I just wanted to take a moment & reflect on how scrap booking has made me more aware of the small daily rituals and sights that make such great pages, but we never stop to think about them.

The dog dreaming of chasing a cat (or mouse or the mailman) .
The cat sunbathing in the kitchen sink.
The smile on my nephew's face when he sees my dad (his pappy).
The laughter of a child.
The joy of a new hair color - in my case it's blue.
Friends sitting around - just talking, drinking a glass of wine, hanging out
The colors of fall.
The rain.
The funny little squirrel that sits in my bathroom window.
The Good Morning Cup of coffee.
The Good Night Cup of Cocoa.
Shopping w/my mom & sister.

Just those little things no one ever considers - I have pages from holidays, vacations, family gatherings in past years albums, but this year I dedicated to the simple things.

This year I will dedicate the book to the people/animals in my life - no matter how big or small part you play, you get a page.

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