Pamper Me

Pamper your lover with the ultimate in romance! The ideal setting for this idea is an ultra-clean bathroom and bedroom with a TV and VCR. If you don't feel like cleaning, or have time to create the ambiance, splurge and book a hotel for the night. Start by lighting as many tea light candles in your bathroom as possible. Also, burn some incense and have some background mood music playing. If you don't have a place to rest things in your bathroom, bring in a chair. On it, place a fluffy washcloth, a plate of chocolates and strawberries, and a glass of champagne. (Make sure it's within the reach of your sweetheart.) Then get a warm bubble bath ready. Once your partner is in the bath, give them a foot massage while you wash their feet to relax them. Next, wash and condition their hair. When they are ready to get out, dry them off, give them something comfy to wear and send them off to the bedroom. Once there, brush out your partner's hair and give them a shoulder massage. After that, cuddle up on the bed and watch a romantic movie you've picked out. Gift ideas include: bath robe, sexy pajamas, bubble bath, trip to a day spa or a gift certificate for a professional massage.

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