Scavenger Hunt

Gather a group of friends together to participate in this crazy girls night out scavenger hunt. Divide into teams. Each team will need a video camera and a good sense of humor.

To win, be the first team to complete all of the tasks and collect all of the items. If you choose to set a time limit, the winning team will be the one who accomplishes the most in the set time. Bonus: Have one member from each team wear a plain t-shirt. Give each team a couple of Sharpie markers (best markers for autographing on fabric) and the team that comes back with the most signatures on their teammate's t-shirt gets a 10 point bonus (or whatever amount you decide).

Poss Items List
-Get a price on belly button removal from a cosmetic surgeon.

-Have one team member get a non-permanent/henna tattoo and then ask a stranger to photograph it.

-Have 3 strangers tell you their best dumb blond joke.

-Get a stranger to let you bowl one ball for him/her during their on going game.

-Knock on a stranger's door and present them with a gag gift on behalf of the 'Fun Girls of the World Club'.

-Find a stranger to piggy back at least 3 of your team members across a street.

-Go to a professional cosmetician or have a team member create Angelina Jolie lips on one team member and then have that same team member ask three strangers who they think she looks like.

-Have a team member order a peanut butter and turkey sandwich and then eat at least one bite without letting on that there is anything unusual about it.

-Have a team member ask to use the men's room at a local club.

-Start a dance class in a parking lot and convince at least 3 strangers to join.

-Go through a drive through and order one handsome stranger with 2 friends on the side.

-Purchase an item of at least $3 (possibly the gag gift mentioned above) and pay the whole thing with pennies.

-6 different brands of beer caps

-5 signed business cards

-3 different matchbooks or lighters

-1 take-out menu

-1 bar coupon

-1 coaster with bar logo

-3 different napkins with bar logo

-1 cocktail umbrella

-3 different colored stir sticks

-1 shot glass with the bar logo

-1 liquor bottle label

-1 house drink recipe signed by the bartender

-1 embellished toothpick

-1 empty mini liquor bottle

-1 wine bottle cork

-The names and phone numbers of 6 hot single guys. They must write their name and number on the back of a business card that bears their name.

-6 separate photos of team members dancing with men of 6 different generations - someone in their teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc. (1 couple per picture).

-A photo of the whole team in a brand new sports car.

-A vinyl LP of the Beatles.

-Something naughty.

-A signed construction workers' hat.

-A really tacky pink souvenir.

-Video footage of a musician playing or singing a song just for one of your team members. Team member must be in the video.

-Something with feathers.

-A radio station playlist signed by the DJ.

-Photo of a stranger who looks like a “twin” of one the team members. Team member must be in photo too.

-Photo of a team member cuffed to a parking meter.

-The smallest bottle of wine you can find. Team with the smallest bottle gets the point.

-A bowling alley job application.

-Video footage of a team member approaching 3 separate male strangers and getting their response to "What is gynoplasty?" (The real answer is "the reparative or reconstructive surgery of the female reproductive organs.")

-Coins from 4 different countries.

-The nutritional value chart for McDonald's food.

-A 2005 Redbook magazine.

-An angel drawn on one of the team members using some kind of makeup or body paint.

-A blue rose.

-A clip-on belly button ring.

-A firefighter calendar signed by a real fireman (not necessarily in the photos).

-A menu from the Hard Rock Café.

-A casino token.

-A receipt for exactly $1.

-An origami boat folded by a stranger and signed.

-A funny friendship card.

-Photo of a team member doing something they've never done before.

-Poll 100 men on what most attracts them to a woman. Record your results.

-Photo of a team member standing back to back next to someone over 6 foot 5 inches tall.

After the hunt, meet at someone's home and have a good laugh watching the evening's video footage together.

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