White: all-purpose, the Goddess, peace, higher self, purity, truth, protection, meditation, sincerity, justice, ward off doubts (Moon)

Pink: love, romance, friendship, relationships, happiness, partnership, affection, nurturing, peace, honor, morality, socialability, good will, caring, healing emotions (Venus)

Red: passion, creativity, love, energy, strength, courage, fast action, force of will, battle, intensity, lust (Mars)

Orange: work, career, property, ambition, success, justice, selling, opens/uncrosses, brings clarity and knowledge, supports intellectual endeavors, vitality, attracting, dominance, encouragement, adaptability (Mercury)

Amber: energizing, empowerment, Witchcraft skills

Yellow: intellect, study, memory, breaking mental blocks, selling self, healing (respiratory), solar energy, energy work, inspiration, creativity, success, fame, divination, clairvoyance, harmony, changes (Sun)

Green: healing, money, fertility, abundance, growth, goals, earth, harvest, removing stress, employment, luck, nature, balance, courage, agriculture, changing directions/attitudes (Earth)

Blue: peace, wisdom, integrity, good fortune, communication, creativity, calm, protection, blessings, healing, water, fertility, psychic, truth, dreams, change, meditation, impulse, intuition, opportunity, understanding, quests, safe journey, patience, tranquility, ward off depression (Neptune, Moon)

Purple: spirituality, psychic development, self-assurance, hidden knowledge, crown chakra, expansion, wealth, wisdom, protection, spirit communication, progress, business, influencing higher-ups, self-improvement, success in searching (Jupiter)

Brown: friendship, special favors, grounding, earth work (Earth, Saturn)

Black: banish negativity, binding, protection, shape-shifting, absorb energy, uncrossings, truth, spirit contact (Saturn)

Silver: psychisim, purity, intuition, dreams, astral energy, the Goddess, dream work, uncrossings, meditation, success, balance, ward off negativity (Moon)

Gold: wealth, the God, winning, humor, solar, healing, success, achievement, power, mental/physical strength, divination, intuition, safety, happiness, playfulness (Sun)

Gray: neutralizes bad situations, uncrossings, addiction breaking, banishing, cleanse self and home, vision quests

Copper: money/business/professional increase, career/energy maneuvers

Brown: earthly riches, endurance, influence, houses/homes, animal health, steadiness, physical objects, grounding, gaining special favors

Rainbow: inner development by relaxation, meditation, introspection

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