Fun Ways to Ask for a Date

Kidnap a personal item (like a teddy bear or basketball shoes) and leave a ransom note made from cut up newspapers & magazines saying: "Your [whatever] has been kidnapped. If you ever wish to see it again, go to [dance/date] with me or leave $2,500,000.00 in small bills [in a designated area]."

Write your message with each word of the message on a separate piece of paper. Put each piece inside a balloon, and leave the balloons for your potential date with the message "your invited to a popping good time. Pop all the balloons for the details."

Send a formal invitation. Include a reply card for him/her to send back saying whether or not he/she can go. Make sure there is enough time before the event for the reply card to be returned (the formal invitation can be made using the computer).

For a special occasion, try a treasure hunt--complete with clues hidden in the apartment building, around campus, or inside his/her apartment

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