Dealing With Negative Energy

First for the dealing with unpleasant eminations attached to your altar. Remember that not only is your altar a sacred space, but also the images that surround it. Set the scene around your altar with visually soothing elements, this may rid you of some negativity you are unwittingly taking in when you recharge in front of your altar.

Second for negativity in general, a ritual can be performed to banish bad energy from yourself and your home.

1st smudge (burn sage) to clear away the negative energy in your home. Then take a spiritual cleansing bath using the 5 senses and the 4 elements. The recipe for this bath is 8 oz. of sea salt, a box of baking soda, a drip of lavender oil or lavender bubble bath, light a candle (dim the lights), light an incense, turn on some mellow music, and get a nice cool beverage of your choice. Enjoy!

Salt is the Earth
Candle is the Fire
Smoke from incense is the Air
The water is obviously the Water
See fire
Smell incense
Taste beverage
Touch water and
Hear music

Then after your bath spend 20 minutes in the sun to re-energize yourself. I do this like once a week.

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