All through the ages and all throughout differing cultures and traditions there are words and sounds that, when intoned in certain ways, bring about tremendous and terrific change in your current circumstances while even eventually invoking an answer to any or all of your prayers. The word/sound 'HU' (Hoo) is such a one and, when tied to our hopes and wishes and dreams, can make really sweet music in our lives. Simply inhale and silently intone the word and be sure to have it resonate through every aspect of your inner self. On the exhale, literally hum the word out to the universe, vibrating it audibly and long enough to send out tones to all of the environment immediately surrounding you. Using any sacred sounds on a daily basis builds a bridge of transformation that will allow you to march to your own drummer, strike up your own band and feel the heart beat of health, happiness and prosperity as they make their way into your life.

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