My mantra, my credo, my actual tagline is 'EXPECT, BELIEVE, RECEIVE.' It's that last little piece of advice, the 'receiving' part, that I find so many people have so much trouble with. Sometimes doubts and fears can keep us from receiving all that the universe keeps trying to give to us. If you have a particularly painful situation confronting you at the moment and just don't know which way to turn try the following meditative method and then receive the right answers that will bring you peace and personal empowerment. Every morning for nine days, as soon as you awake, find a comfortable chair and sit up straight in it with both hands cupped and resting facing up on each knee and each foot planted on the ground. Now, light a white candle and place it between your feet and then sit back. Leaving your eyes open a small slit (don't close them completely) allow five to 10 minutes of quiet time to help keep you focused and clear. Concentrate on your question/conundrum and just 'receive' the answer. Remember that the answer might be yours in that first five minutes or might come at the 11th hour of the ninth day, but, the promise is, as long as you are ready to receive your answer will come!

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