This is Me

Okay so I started this later than I thought. Hehehe, I was going to start this 1-01-09 then got side tracked by TOM & family issues - but better late than never. I'm starting this blog so that my family & friends can join me in my goals to become healthier. It's not so much about weight loss - that's just a nice by product - I want to be healthier physically, mentally, emtionally, and spiritually. So go ahead and join me on this journey!

This is me as of today - just snapped the picture with my Nokia phone and yes this was taken at work.

My Measurements (as of Jan 2, 2009):

PreviousCurrentDifferenceTotal Lost
Left Thigh28
Left Knee20.5
Left Calf19
Right Bicep20.25
Right Forearm11.5
(will be a seperate entry from now on)

My Weekly Goals:

EatingStay under 30 weight watchers points per day
ExerciseGet in a min of 30mins Walking daily
And 15mins on the Wii Fit!! (thanks Theresa)
RelationshipsGo on one "stolen" date with the hubby
Quality play date with the nephew
LifestyleIncrease my H2O intake again - man I slack off when my schedule changes
CareerOrganize the desk & the locker
HouseholdGet all the Christmas stuff down
Print out and update all the info in the January folder
SpiritualWrite out my affirmations
MentalJournal Journal Journal
FunFind a Bento Lunch box
(will be a seperate entry from now on!)


  1. Congratulations on starting your journey and on achieving the goal of quitting smoking!!!! I look forward to watching your journey and hopefully I can help to encourage you in it. The Wii Fit is awesome from what I've heard and all the other games give you a work out as well. So good luck and I am proud of you for taking these steps to do for you :) BTW-whate's a Bento lunch box?

  2. Hell honey - I want you to do more than watch! I want you to get up off the couch and join me!

    "Bentō is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables as a side dish. Containers range from disposable mass produced to hand crafted lacquerware. " and the box is kinda like the one they serve at matsuri but with a lid. There's even stackable ones - so the heat from soup/rice keeps everything warm.