Bento 11 - Freezer Stash Chicken Lo Mein

Whole wheat Noodles 6pts
Chicken 3pts
Steamed veggies 0pts

(all food was freezer food - last time I acutally cooked lo mein - I put up "nests" of noodles and some of the extra chicken)

Journal Entry - today was a very bad day for my diet (see previous post) but a good day for me on a whole. I got my hot bubble bath & glass of wine & candles & finished rereading the Merry Series.

But over all - I think the daily award goes to Cin - she won a very important battle today. I love you sweetie and I am absolutely ecstatic for you & yours. It's not my news to tell the world - just know that I am beyond happy.

Workout: Sun Salutation
Type: Yoga
Date: 1/29/2009
Time: 10mins - I did 2 full reps

Workout: Wii Balance
Type: Table tilt / Fish Slide / Skiing
Date: 1/29/2009
Time: 20mins

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