Recap 1-12 to 1-18

Basic: Every night that I worked I had Bento.

Going Deeper: Doing any Bentos was one more than normal. Printed out the meal planner guides (tweaked a little here and there), filled it out and stuck with it.

Weight Loss: Since I am currently doing Weight Watchers - it makes it hard to say this box holds 10 points. I will stick to weighing/measuring the foods that I eat individually. I exercised almost every day, I journaled all my food, and my water intake is back up to almost normal.

Monday - I was off work - didn't pack a Bento, but boy did I cook for one. I pre prepped rice & noodles & onigiri to put up for the week. Had a dentist appointment this morning & really didn't feel well - However I did get in 45mins of workout anyway.

Tuesday - Went to work at midnight as normal - and brought in a store bought Chicken Pad Thai (and it was super yummy)I really need to learn to cook it myself. Got all the house cleaned and started reorganizing the kitchen. Got in about 30mins on the Wii.

Wednesday - Had a wonderful day - started off by using leftover chicken lo mein for bento and it was quiet tasty - just next time note to self - don't use Jim's left overs (too much soy) and I got exercise in! Yay Me!


Thursday - I loved making this box.


Friday - I think this is the cutest box I've done so far.


Saturday - I went and weighed in for the week - down another 1.8lbs!!!! Wow it is so cold here and the phone lines are jamming. Tonight's dinner - Chili 15 points

Sunday - I did it - cute lunch! Plus I actually ate healthy at GM's bday dinner!

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