Recap 1-19 to 1-25

Challenge Summary
Basic: Actually 1 less, but this is my "short" work week, plus I overslept one night.

Going Deeper: I actually started adding the cute aspects.

Weight Loss: Got all my measuring cups and what not set out & I bought the newest weight watchers point book.

Monday - No bento tonight - overslept - but hey I did do really well with the food selection via Wendy's - BLT Salad & low fat honey mustard dressing.

Tuesday - Long night - due to snow!!!! A new President in the white house (technically 2 since Biden was President from noon until 12:07p when Obhama got sworn in) Chicken noodle soup is dangerous to the waist line.

Wednesday - Off - No bento / no heat - Cin came over for a while, cooked Chicken Paella & it was yummy (I think it's better with thighs)

Thursday - Off - No bento / no heat - Took Aunt J shopping today & wow let me tell you - gives you a reason to keep up with shaving let me tell you. Lucas was funny today - kept saying that my jacket was his and he didn't want me to put it back on. Went out for lunch with Mom, Aunt J, and Lucas - 13pts.

Friday - Feeling pretty good tonight - had steak & fries for dinner. DH & I split a smallish ribeye & we had almost fries ala seasoned baked potatoe wedges. It was really yummy and filling. Drama in friendship land (but hopefully will calm down by Imbolc)

Saturday - Not feeling the best in the world - TOM & life getting in the way. Had a slight gain this week (see below)

Sunday - Off again today - it is Jim's birthday - all kinds of stupid foods will be consumed today.

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