Funday - instead of Friday

I got off work a little early today (friday) cause it was extremely SLOW. Ran over to Target and got my Bedtime tea and some printer ink. (Hopefully will be adding new "layers" to the blog with a section on the Household Notebook and another on personal health soon, but that is a post for another day) Finally found a BB&T ATM that will accept a deposit (why are all of them broken) and got the cash to pay a bill and headed home.

Jim(DH) stayed out of work today due to a sprained ankle and achy back. So he said he wanted to just hang out around the house.

Well Cin was outside yakking(LOL) on the phone when I pulled into the park so of course I stopped to harrass her. We fussed about the kooky neighbors and what not. Then I needed to get home and Cin said she would come over in a bit.

Cin, Jim and myself (okay so I was staying up late again) were watching Space Buddies and I looked at the clock and it was 11:15a. Since Cin didn't have to pick up O til after 2p and I was already staying up late - we all decided to fly to the Bento Box Place today (yes the restuarant has a real name - it is Matsuris Restaurant, 1940 Skibo Rd Fayetteville (910) 826-9900).

Meal was wonderful as usual. Miso Soup, Salad with the super yummy sesame dressing, California Rolls, Tereyaki Chicken, Fried Rice, and some sort of skewered pork chop that was fried with onions.

Then we went over to Joe Mugg's for coffee - I was not impressed with the service or the beverages today. I must say howevere that I like Joe's cause you can sit outside and smoke (well I don't anymore but Jim & Cin do) and hang out and chat for a while.

After that - DH & I headed to Wally World - not to pick up anything special just to hang out a bit. I got a "Think Green" shirt and DH got a "Kiss me I'm Irish" one for St Patty's Day (of course I can wear mine year round cause I'm going green)

And we picked up some small tennis balls for the Divo puppy

And I got a new Portable Pilates Studio today (not so much for the Pilates aspect but for the bonus arm work out). I figure it will be an easy way to add some more exercise to my time at work. I've got to get a lot more serious about getting healthy or else I'm going to start feeling like I'm just wasting my time.

"Our Portable Pilates Studio lets you perform reformer-style movements without heavy equipment. Use it for personal training or at home. Two 30" long resitance tubes are attached to each side of a bar which allow you to perform a variety of movements utilizing the attached foot straps. The bar disassembles for easy storage. The Portable Pilates Studio comes complete with an easy to follow workout DVD." Box Blurb

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