Hope your valentine was good

Hmmm, I wonder which is better.

-My Mom gave me a beautiful card with chocolate,coffee, a hug & kiss.
-My Husband bought the purse I wanted, a cute little rain gauge, added a hug, some kiss, and a homemade breakfast.
-My Puppy got me a little stuffed animal that says I wuff you.
-My Nephew gave me a pretty card, a kiss, & a cupcake.
-My Dad sent me Beautiful flowers and called to tell me I was his girl.

What did you get? Hmmmm, nothing - did you get a phone call, from your dad, your mom, your husband, your lover, your "buddy", your baby daddy, your sister, your kid? No, how nice.

Yet you sit there and smirk at me - trying to make me feel inferior because my life is good. You tell me that you don't need to be loved or cuddled or "looked after" yet jump in the sack with any one with money. Please child - I've never been that desperate.

And trust me - it's not because you are hotter than me (as if) or skinnier then me
(that is at least true) - it's because you fall on your back and spread your legs for any dick (and some janes) that cross your path.

I'm more interested in forging life long commitments to friendship & love, not a life long commitment to Valtrex or worse.

Have a great day.

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