Household Notebook

Unlike a personal planner, which is designed for use by one person, a household notebook or family organizer serves as "command central" for your entire family. While each family's organizer will be unique because you're family is unique, they almost always start as simple three-ring notebooks with several divider sections.

Most household notebooks will include a telephone and message section, a divider for schedules, clubs or volunteer activities, travel, home management and finance. sections, medical information, and personal records like gift list and clothing size charts. Because they're infinitely expandable, household notebooks become as distinctive as the family that uses them.

A family with school-aged children involved in dance, music and sports will include organizer sections for rehearsal and practice schedules, summer activity ideas and video to-rent lists.

A military family may include a large section on moving or hometown docs.

At-home and homeschooling parents often add personal and family schedules to coordinate life with young children.

A two-career couple with pre-school children may add babysitter and day care dividers and an emergency telephone list to their household notebook.

Empty nesters will rely on packing checklists for vacations, home repair records and gift suggestion lists for far-flung. children.

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