Bento 20 - Crispy Chicken Salad

All packed up -
1st layer (Large) - Romaine Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Bacon Bits, Cheese & Hard Boiled Egg
2nd layer (smaller) - croutons (square) - Chicken Tenders
3rd layer (round) - Dressing (bag) 2 little cripsy crunchy rolls
And of course my water!!!

Cindy said my meals need to smile more - does this count?!?!

And this is all put together (I'm a dipper when it comes to salad dressing - it stays in it's little container)

This was a really fast and easy Bento - The rolls & the chicken came from a bag (just toss in the oven), one head of romaine chopped up, eggs were in the fridge already - Shredded cheese and some bacon bits round it out.

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