Recap 1-26 to 2-1

Going Deeper: I did not make a single trip to the grocery store this week & I incorporated left overs several times. No veggie boxes as of yet, maybe in the upcoming weeks. Average cost of eating lunch out $7.50.

Weight Loss: Did not actually lose any weight this week (in fact gained a pound) BUT I lost inches in total body fat gone and that makes me happy. (The reason I'm giving for the difference - I worked out - a lot this week.

Monday - I was off work - so no Bento today. I did however bake my mother a birthday cake. Hmm, do you think she liked the train? Today is Mom's birthday!!!

Tuesday - Beef Fried Rice was a mixture of freezer food and repurposing left overs. I had fried rice in the freezer and added the remainder of my steak from Jim's b-day dinner and then quick fried everything. Bento cost $2.42.

Wednesday - Hmm not as cheap, but really tasty coming in at $4.55.

Thursday - This was a pure left over meal - absolutely no cost. I fixed what (2 months) ago would have been a typical meal for me & DH, then split it up.

Friday - Left overs again (this time cooked & planned for) 2.35

Saturday - Not a bento, but it was a tasty lunch. Cost $2.40

Sunday - Ritual meal leftovers & fake sushi. $1.12

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