Some of these forms I downloaded from some where - others I have created myself.

As stated in previous posts - these are the forms I use to make my life a little easier, you can use/not use what ever you need/want to. And there are tons of wonderful articles on creating Household Notebooks out in Internet Land. Go see what you can find.

My own family notebook is set up using a combination of clear plastic page protectors filled with printed pages / Index Tab Dividers (A-Z for the phone book & Jan-Dec for monthly) / And of course my pages. Some of the suggested dividers may actually turn into new notebooks depending on your personal habits.

ER - Should be 1st page of Household notebook.
  • ER Contact - Clearly lists information to be given out / needed in the event of an actual emergency.
  • First Aid Chart - Print off one that you feel comfortable referring to - don't get too bogged down with tons and tons of info - this is just a quick reference. (One of my favorites)
  • CPR Guidelines - Once again - just print off a quick reference sheet.
  • If you have children - you may want to include an ER contact list for the babysitter - with quick at a glance info on each child.

Calendars / Monthly Updates
  • Calendars - there are a whole lot of really good ready to print calendars out on the internet. Just find one you like.
  • Gift Reference Chart
  • Monthly Master Occasions

Phone List - calling all phone numbers. Now I actually use 2 different forms - one is a standard phone number / address form. The other is more involved. I use the second one for friends and family members.

Household Mgmt
  • Cleaning Supplies - personally I have set up cleaning stations in every room. It makes it easier to clean.
  • Cleaning Lists - Use these to let other family members know what you feel needs to be done in each room of the house or you can use Cleaning Cards
  • Housework Scheduler or Cleaning List- I used these forms to figure out exactly how often I needed to do certain things.
  • Chore List to be used to set up the chores for one week - bottom part is to list daily chores.
  • seasonal chore checklists

  • children's chore checklists
  • home inventory
  • home decorating ideas
  • car maintenance schedule
  • stain removal guide
  • recycling locations
  • Decluttering Tips


Family Members

School - Families with school-aged children will want to add a school divider to hold:
  • school schedules and holiday list
  • lunch menus
  • carpool schedule
  • school information page
  • school reading lists
  • homeschool records
  • summer programs information



Money & Finances

Gift Planner

Foster Agreement

Party Planner
Drop Off / Pick Up

Menus & Meals

Health & Fitness

Travel & Activities

Odds & Ends - I have these forms and use them, but I wouldn't think everyone would need these
  • Photo Permission Form
  • Yearly Grid - I use it to keep track of my BP.
  • yard sale checklist
  • Estimates This is one of those forms that came up out of need - my mom wanted to get her carpets cleaned and I made the calls for her.

Updated 3-12-2009

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