Guess the Phrase

You need two teams for this game with an adult serving as referee. Before the party, think of phrases, TV shows, movies, etc. that your group would easily guess and put them on index cards. You may want to follow a theme (example: Christmas or summer vacation) or just say "anything goes!" Team members take a turn drawing and guessing. Everyone on the team must take a turn drawing! The team that draws has an opportunity to guess the phrase and receives a point if guessed correctly within 1 1/2 minutes. (You may want to use a kitchen timer or use a timer from another game you already have.) The other team does the same. Drawings must be completed without any words or gestures. Teams alternate back and forth guessing and drawing. If the phrase isn't guessed within the time limit; the other team gets a free guess and can steal the point. Note: A fun twist on this game is to allow your teams to think up the words or phrases to be drawn. Each team makes up the clues that the other team has to draw and guess.

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