Let's Loose Some Weight

I'm not a diet expert. I'm simply going to share some of the tips I discovered which helped me knock off pounds. I'd suggest you find a diet you can live with - and stick to it!

I didn't read or find a particular diet that I can tell you about. I asked a few people I felt knew what they were talking about for a few pointers. The only diet I have seen that makes any sense to me, is the one geared around our blood type. I buy into that concept.

The most basic rule of dieting is simplest: you have to take in less calories than you expend, in order to lose weight. The only way this happens is with regular exercise. If you try dieting without exercise, your results will be minimal - unless you starve yourself - which is very unhealthy.

Tip # 1: Portions are crucial. I doubt any one thing helped me more, than cutting back on the "actual" portions I consumed. I always had trouble when dining out - because I was raised to "finish my plate". However, the key to weight loss is to stop eating - just short - of getting full.

Tip # 2: Chewing your food. A big part of getting all the nutrients as well as maintaining a good digestive system, is completely chewing your food. This was "big" for me - because I'm always in a hurry. I used to drive everyone crazy with how "fast I ate". Initially, I just couldn't get the hang of this - old habits die hard.

The "trick" that finally got me over the hump was making a rule of "setting my fork down" - between bites.

Tip # 3: No (or minimal) carbohydrates after 2:00PM. Carbs play a key role in burning off fat. However...after 2:00PM - they rarely have enough time to "break down" before you hit the sack. Thus, they have a habit of becoming "love handles" - if I don't manage them correctly. Try to stick to "protein" in the afternoon and evening: egg whites, chicken, - (my favorite - canned tuna in spring water), etc.

Tip # 4: Salads. I happen to love blue cheese salad dressing. I had a friend in Weight Watchers who gave me a tip that really helped me with "this". Order your dressing "on the side" - and dip your fork into the dressing before filling your fork with lettuce. You'll get the flavor you are after, but only consume about a fifth of what you'd normally put on your salad. It will feel a little "light" at first - but you'll get used to it. Just think about that hot little bathing suit you'd love to put on. *Smile*

Tip # 5: The thing that helped me the most was fruit drinks. I can usually stick to a basic diet, but it's those "in between" times I have a hard time getting through. I mix orange juice and cranberry (sometimes add apple juice) and add crushed ice - to a large glass. I focus on "chewing" the ice - not drinking the liquid. It's almost like eating sherbet ice cream.

Tip # 6: Water. Nothing will get you losing weight faster than drinking water. I have a close doctor friend that is an Internist who once told me: "If people drank the eight glasses of water they were supposed to every day, I'd be out of business." I could never get into this habit, until I started buying gallon jugs of water. You can "chug" them so easily. Keep them all over the house - at your work area, in the kitchen, next to your bed - and take a "swig" - every chance you get.

An important note: Most everyone actually gains weight when they first start a decent diet combined with exercise. Anticipate this. Don't get discouraged. If you'll stick to your exercise and diet - the weight will start rolling off in no time.

You go Girlfriend!! ::))

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