Recap 3-23 to 3-29

Monday - 3-23 - I'm off - Spring Cleaning didn't happen. Spent the entire day RUNNING ragged with Mom, AuntiE, and others. No joke - we started at 9a and I did not even see my house until after 10:30p - 12 straight hours of non-stop shopping - well we did wrap up all the decos and needed items for the neffie's 3rd Bday Dino-travagansa Party for 20 kids. And we actually wrapped up the entire easter line up (14 kids) plus family baskets, so in all we did really good.

OMG - Bebe beat Nina - I'm addicted to RuPaul's Drag Race and now it is over and I honestly feel the wrong person won. Not that Bebe isn't a wonderful Queen - it's just Nina is so totally different and unique and SPECIAL. I agree Shannel - Rebecca should have gone home before you.

Tuesday - 3-24 - Was supposed to meet up with a friend for coffee and that didn't happen, but TG - because I managed to make a Fit-N group and met the most wonderful interesting lady. She is 85 years old, has been a "working" witch for a good deal of those years and has the most amazing list of herbology in her head & home remedies galore. Fit was a group walk today and Queen walked the pants off several of the younguns (myself included) but wow - it was truly amazing to listen to her.

Unfortunately the "friendship circle" (not affliliated with Fit-N) is crashing in and I'm afraid the kids will be the ones hurt by the sudden loss of all things witchy. The only hope is that each family continues to study on their own and hopefully they will all locate a good match - like I did. Jackie once again - thank you for you magical invitation.

Dinner - Pan Fried Chicklen Cutlet w/Brocoli

and I did FINALLY get my closet cleaned out - any one want some clothes?? There are some good pieces going bye-bye because I just plain don't like them.

Wednesday - 3-25 Considering the fact that I was asleep by 930a I would have to say that I was exhausted and seriously needed the sleep. Cooked up some Chicken Wings for dinner and tossed together a "tail gate box". No picture - it wasn't interesting. Making up the menu plan for the next 3-4 weeks so that way I can buy everything I need and concentrate on family & Fit for the next month.

Thursday - 3-26 Had a blast this morning - met a friend for a coffee/gab session (I'm gonna start calling them the Will & Grace - Go yak yak yak, My turn, yak yak yak, Your turn, yak yak yak) that really seemed to worked to lighten both of us. The only down side was the word vomit - you just start bitching about the "wife & kids" - I mean it's negative but sometimes you just have to vomit - to clean your system. Hehehe, it was too funny, but I know I feel 100% better and hopefully my refound friend will know that I can be there when they need me too. Not that I always want to have the word vomit sessions - I miss you being you!

DH & I got an invite to meet with a new group of people on Saturday - I think universe is telling me that it is time I got out again. What do you think?

I Fit-N again today - and I couldn't be more proud of myself. Dinner tonight is crock pot roast beef. Yummy.

Friday - 3-27 Picking mom up 1st thing this morning to go hit the stores for some more shopping (see Monday's Note) - I'm seriously hoping it is not a repeat. And it wasn't - just a bunch of fussing in the dressing room and I don't wear that hmmm it looks good. But we did get her an dress and a pant set so no matter which way the wedding goes - she's covered.

Oh yeah, and found out that the traditional Mother's Day brunch ain't gonna happen - Mom's going to church to hear my cousin & his kid sing (not that Ryan doesn't sing heavenly) but what happened to tradition. AND 4th of July is not gonna be traditional cause they are taking Lucas to PA for the week. *sigh* Why is it this cancel tradition stuff only works for everyone else?

Dinner is Pepper Steak minus the peppers - hehehe - thought I had a bell pepper in the fridge, but I didn't, anyhoo - loving this combo, tender strips of steak cooked with onions and a very light ginger/garlic sauce. Served up with calirice. HEAVENLY!!!

Saturday - 3-28 First off - I really don't appreciate you chasing me to bed this morning - just so I could get up early. I told you I would go to sleep & I did, but I wanted to at least get in some yoga, since I didn't Fit-N.

Got up SUPER early so I could go to a party with the hubby & I'm not certain I want to do that again EVER. You can't tell him any thing. It's raining and the roads are slick and he's trying to go 90 down a twisty road and do the whole look ma no hands bit and then gets mad at me for "Daring" to say something about it. Look dude you are driving my car - show some MotherF***ing respect. I'm about 2 steps away from packing up and walking out that door and you are seriously pushing me closer & closer. AND you know I don't approve of drinking & driving, and you think I'm just gonna let you drive home from the party after 5 beers & no food, just to prove you're a man. BULL.

On the other hand (if I quit fussing about the KOM) I met some really great people tonight & I really enjoyed the conversations. It was something different and I had fun. Can't wait to get together again - maybe go out for coffee - this time when I'm actually awake LOL. J&E - it was really nice of you to invite us and I had a great time and wow those burgers were FABU. J&J - hope you finish getting everything done with the house and complete your move.

Congrats Holly & her beau - they got hitched today. I'm glad everything went well. Lucas evidently performed the Ring Bearer duties without a hitch. (Side note - just heard - it might not have been without a hitch, but he is almost 3, did you really expect him to act like he is 6 or 7)

Dinner tonight - It's the clean out the fridge night - Leftover Roast Beef & Leftover CaliRice. And my phone is dead, so no picture tonight - sorry.

Sunday - 3-29 It felt so heavenly to SLEEP, SLEEP, and SLEEP. Wow, I needed a recharge on my battery. Because this week is going to be fun but H-E-C-T-I-C. I did yoga when I woke up while dinner was cooking. I'm having Oven Roasted Chicken, Smashed Cauliflower and a fresh salad. I think my phone battery is totally toast, I'll pick up a new one tomorrow.

Weekly Stats - as I progress I'll add more here!
Weight 252 245 77

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