Recap 3-30 to 4-5

Monday - 3-30 Wow - this week is off and running at a fast pace already. I don't think I'm gonna get anything BUT the birthday party done this week - and that's odd for me cause I am a multi-tasker extraordinaire.

Took Mom & Lucas out - shopping for groceries - (6 different stores in 1 day and we still forgot to pick up ice cream LOL) Got most of the groceries bought & put up. Broke down the burgers & dogs for the party. Little guy acted like he felt wrung out - busy W/E. Hung out with my sis for a bit (I never get to see her - she had early out from work). And the finally home & bed. Figured out something - if I come home, make my bedtime tea and take a short bath - I sleep MUCH better. Get there faster & stay asleep.

Fit-N Family time & household chore (groceries)

Tuesday - 3-31 - Oops - Lucas is SICK. I don't know what's wrong with him, but WOWSER, that little guy is down & out. Here's to hoping he gets better before his birthday. Headed over to the rents to run some errands for my dad - post office, bank, Hardees. Then did a bunch of runs to Wally World.

On the phone with DH between A/B/C and (Still chuckling) I have to say your comment just MADE my day (even if was not the nicest thing to say). You will never realize how good it felt when you jumped to my defense like that. I didn't realize how deep hurtful comments can penetrate but laughter chased them right out.

Next up - back to town for coffee with the 30s. No one under 29(& holding) allowed LOL. No drama needed. And no word vomit this time. Had a very good time talking with both of you. Especially since it was someone I have missed for awhile (Oh yeah and Damn you looking GOOD) - Thank you again.

Fit-N Family time, errands for Dad, Will & Grace Coffee/Lunch, planned daily goals.

Wednesday - 4-1 - Did you fool someone today? Got off work and hit the ground running. Over to the rent's to grab mom and the soon to be birthday boy and go pick up ice cream, meds and run some other errands for dad. Ended up staying a good chunk of the day - little dude was abso SICK. His mommy had to come home and take him to the Dr.

Since there wasn't any games planned for the BDAY extravaganza - I took it upon myself to plan and prepare at least one game. Dino Dig. I ended up baking a bunch of Dino Bones.

Fit-N Family time, creativity

Thursday - 4-2 Baked the cake in between 36 thousand other things I had to do today.

Friday - 4-3 OMG - I got up really early this morning (well for me - it was early) got dressed (applied mascara & lip gloss), ran out the door, hit target paid bill - saw the OOT family - kissed the LD - Grabbed a breve, next up Party City - helium tank & balloon, Micheals for "trees", the rents to drop off the tank, and the HOME to do the CAKE!

I freaking LOVE this cake!!!!

It came out SOOOOOO Perfect.

Fit-N Family time, creativity, financial

Saturday - 4-4 Lucas' 3rd Birthday Extravaganza - Check out the Family Ties section!

Fit-N Family time

Sunday - 4-5 Got up - but not too early, headed to the Rents, grabbed Evil Auntie (LOL), and trotted off to Edward McKay's (used book store) to see if she could find some books she wanted. I ended up with an arm load (bunch of new I guess I'll try them).

Took the Evil Auntie back to mom's, grabbed the hubby, went to Olive Garden for a late lunch/early dinner to celebrate Ashley's Bday (thank you again Mom), then DH & I went out for coffee, on the way home - spotted the street fair & stopped in for a bit. All in all a VERY fun day.

Fit-N Family time, hubby date, yoga, reading

Weekly Stats -
Weight 252 7

I forgot to weigh in this week - LOL

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