Valentine Specific Games

Kids will love the following ideas for Valentine's Day party games. Remember, most games can be adapted to all ages of children with a bit of creative thinking. Also, if you choose to play a game that requires teams, and you have an odd number of children, one person will need to go twice. Ask for a volunteer and if one doesn't surface you might want to leave it up to the team to choose who they think will be the fastest.

For more great tips on how to liven up your V-Day, visit our main Valentine's Day ideas page for great party and Valentine's craft ideas. Also be sure to visit our Valentine's Day coloring pages.

Valentine Bingo


Make your own heart shaped bingo cards or print our Heart Bingo Cards
Red hots or a small candy, such as M&M's, for markers
Valentine bag to hold call cards
How To Play: Print our Heart Bingo Cards or create your own cards using a Valentine, February, or Candy Bar theme. Valentine theme might include: card, heart, red, pink, white, cupid, St. Valentine. February theme might include: groundhogs, President Lincoln, Washington, winter, doves, valentines. A candybar theme might include: Skor, Mr. Goodbar, Milkyway, Hershey, Kisses, Hugs, Joy (go to the grocery store for this one).

Another variation to create your own Bingo card: Write the names of all the children on pieces of paper and drop them into a Valentine bag. Note: remove the names of any children absent that day.

Create a BINGO card with blank spaces. Across the top it will say "N-A-M-E-S". Have the children go around and have their classmates sign their name to the spaces on the card. When all are done, have them sit down at their tables.

Play NAMES by drawing a name out of the bag. Play regular BINGO or blackout. If the children really like the game, then play "Postage Stamp" any 2x2 square (4 names) on the board, etc. Click here for some easy craft ideas.

Valentine Box Contest


Shoebox for each child
Decorating supply list for each child
How To Play: Children take their shoebox home and decorate it using only the items listed on their supply list. At the party they are judged and winners are named for categories: funniest, prettiest, most creative, etc.

Pin The Heart On Cupid


Big picture of Cupid
A red heart, for each child, with adhesive on back and their name on the front
How To Play: Blindfold the player, spin 'em around and let them try to stick the heart where it's supposed to go. Give a prize for the player that gets the closest.

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