Recap 3-2 to 3-8

Monday - 3-2 I just tossed together a "Southern" Bento - fried chicken, gravy & rice.

Tuesday - 3-3 Off work today due to dentist appt - I love Dr Barbaro, but I hate going to the dentist.

Wednesday - 3-4 Off work (normal day off) - Spent today at ChuckE Cheese with the neffie and the GeeGee (my Mom) - He totally had a blast riding all the ride ons, playing games, and eating pizza. Check out the pics.

Thursday - 3-5 OC today - started off fairly well, then got called in. *sigh* There goes my 3 day weekend LOL. It's all good, a coworker was sick and I know how much of a PITA it is coming in when you are sick. So I ended up working - wasn't a full shift so I didn't bring in a bento.

Friday - 3-6 Up early today, so I could go bake a Bday cake with the neffie. He just loves to bake. However today - he was most insistant that we were supposed to be making HIS birthday cake - "DINOSAURS aunt wee". The cake pictures were too dark - I knew I should have used the camera and not the phone. (no lunch or cake picture today - my phone is acting crazy)

Saturday - 3-7 Woke up late and totally not functioning (I hate getting too much sleep) Dinner was fast food - pizza rolls and Evian

Sunday - 3-8 - off work - Had a wonderful date with my DH. He's the greatest - took me out to dinner (FYI Patron is GOOD)and then cause there weren't any movies I've been dying to see. Bought me Another Cinderella Story (SO CUTE) I love the Disney Stars!!

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  1. havent talk to you lately just wanted to make sure all is well love ya