DragonSong - Anne McCaffrey

Dragonsong is ultimately a story of a girl who pursues her dream against all opposition. She takes great risks and reaps great rewards. Indeed, in the long run, the faithfulness she shows to her calling will reap benefits for the entire planet-but that is several novels down the series.

This novel is the first in a Harper trilogy within the Pern series. Whereas the other books concentrated on the dragonriders, this explores the craft hall of the Harpers and the important tasks they are charged with. It also explores the sexism inherent in McAffrey's Pern world and the sexism that is found in many agricultural civilizations. It is partly her dealing with this topic that adds to the appeal of her series. McAffrey crafts her characters to be highly sympathetic to her readers. Many of her readers see their own challenges reflected in the Pern novels.

Ever since my father introduced me to this series when I was in elementary school (too many years ago to count), I have faithfully reread the trilogy every year before Easter. (inside family reasoning - but hey it works for me) This is by far one of my favorite books. I love the fact that Menolly has to overcome so much in order to find herself. This is a classic tale of someone (in this case a female) struggling to find their identity inside of a hidebound society. And yet - this touching story shows that no one is immune from being bound.

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