Dyeing Easter Eggs

After we ate breakfast it was back to the house to dye Easter Eggs. And let me tell you - that was a lesson in patience. He wanted to do what he wanted to do and nothing else, but his mommy did eventually get some good pictures. I let him do it all (just like cake baking) -
put the tablet in the cup, now add the vinegar (I poured into the tablespoon and he dumped it in the cup & counted down from 3), let the dye melt, now add the water, and duh-duh-duuuuh, add the egg (gently ha - there are so many that were broken).

And then we wait - and wait - and wait some more (some of us more patiently then others) while the eggs get dyed. And then finally we get to take them out(the other stage where we lost some) ooohing & ahhing over the pretty colors. Then we got to repeat the whole egg cycle again. Way cool!!!

And that was my Saturday morning. Pretty cool huh?

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