Bento 62 - Deconstructed Cheeseburger

Gotta love the imagination.

I wanted a cheeseburger tonight (one of those days ya know) but I didn't want all the hassle of making a big burger & carrying it to work, so I settled on little burgers w/lettuce "buns". And I cuted it up big time by making a cute little caterpillar on a branch.

Someone asked me Friday morning - how do you do that? I'm assuming she meant the packing thing, cause the decorative side of it is all not planned. LOL. So, I'm gonna attempt to explain my process.

First off - I make the decision on what to eat - in this case burgers (now this currently means no bun or fries for me because I am trying to eat in a healthier manner and I have a slight intolerance to starchy foods). So what do I want to take - hmmm - burgers, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese (just a little bit) and some mayo.

Next decision, which box do I want to use - hey let's use the Bitter & Milk box - so that determines that we have to pack small - because that particular box is an actual bento box.

So when I got up - I pan fried 3 mini burgers, sliced 2 campri tomatoes in half, stripped off several lettuce leaves and proceeded to pack. Now for the decorative part - which in this case was by pure chance. I lined the box with the lettuce, then dropped in the tomato halves and while waiting for the burgers to cool - went hmmm, that looks like bit like a caterpillar, hehehe too funny. So I took out my cheese - rather than just throwing it in the box as I am prone to do - I took the time to cut little shapes out and played with it, giving the bug eyes, antenna, mouth, and stripes - yay me! I'm getting the hang of this. Well then naturally when I added the burgers, I did so to form a "branch" for the little guy to crawl on and ta-da Deconstructed Cheeseburger Caterpillar is designed.

For more (read better) ideas try Just Bento or Anna the Red - links on the side) they always have wonderful ideas.

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