Daisy of Love - VH1

Now I didn't like Ms Daisy De La Hoya that much when she was on "Rock of Love Season 2" competing for Bret Michaels hand & heart, but I really felt for her when Amber got the final pass. Daisy's comment about curling up in bed & eating chocolate ice cream just got me. So when I saw VH1's Daisy of Love I just had to tune in and it is fast becoming my guilty little pleasure.

She's got it all except - her Rock Star Boyfriend and maybe I shouldn't be commenting on this when my relationship isn't that great - but WOW Daisy's having issues - check out some of the guys competing for her love.

The triplets of the band Snake of Eden ('84, '85, and '86) were eliminated before the elimination ceremony after they revealed that they were basically there just for the free food and liquor, and that they were only interested in dating Daisy together as a set.

Torch got dropped cause he just wouldn't talk to her - at all. Unless it was in dolphin.

And Dropout was eliminated for being a "Goofball" and seeming too much like a cartoon character.

Flipper was probably certifiable or at least one land on his head from it. And ended up taking himself out of the competion.

Weasel was eliminated because Daisy felt he didn't have much ambition and felt he was always drinking.

And the Professor got dumped because Daisy didn't feel a connection with him and she felt she wasn't the type of girl he should be dating. FYI, he wasn't Bad Boy enough, which is a shame because the bad boys she wants to keep around will break her heart.

Brooklyn left cause he's still in love with the ex girlfriend. Say What?!?!?!

Cable Guy was eliminated because he wasn't trying hard enough to connect with Daisy.

Toolbox was going to recieve a chain, but after being informed by Flex that Tool Box said he had no connection with Daisy, Daisy decided to eliminate him.

London walked out - screaming my name is Joshua Lee & left Daisy crying because he wouldn't take a chain. However, must say this gent prompted the best line from Daisy so far "This is I love Daisy, not I love liquor".

Must say he was lovely to look at.

And Cage (one of my personal favorites) chose rage & potential physical voilence over finding true love when he couldn't promise Daisy he wouldn't hit any of the guys left on the show.

6-Gauge left on episode 6 aired on 6-7. Really Daisy. Are you LOCO? Fox admits to you that he technically still has a girlfriend that he's living with and you boot someone else off the show. Are you freaking NUTS?

Finally, I've been waiting for this day for awhile now. Fox was just too prissy for words & I totally think he was on the show to promote Fox. Ya know?

My personal favorite Big Rig left tonight 6-21. I mean I kinda thought he didn't make it cause he myspace page was flooded with I love this girl & it weren't pictures of Daisy. But come on Daisy - you got rid of the last decent guy. I guess you do want a season 2, not making enough money off this season?

And now it's the final four!

Welcome back - duh duh da - LONDON. Ricky brought him back because of unfinished business. Really? Ricky? Honest? At least Daisy said He's gonna have to work his ass off. I am just freaking fed up with this BS and I'm not even on the show.

Chi-chi just seemed too passive, awkard and shy.

And back to the final four since Chi-Chi got eliminated.

I felt so bad for Sinister, tonight was supposed to be a double elimination Flex & Sinister, but Daisy broke the rules & is taking 3 guys to the finale. Sorry Sinister.

Maybe some where out there is a girl that will love you for you. You are a wonderful guy who deserves to love.

12-pack got sent packing because Daisy is a MORON.

And then she choose London (IDIOT) over Sexy Flex? Are you fucking nuts.

Still Left

So Daisy made a fucked up predetermined loser guy choice and I hope for her sake - he doesn't just walk out on her again.


  1. girl u better make the rigth choise is a man on that group that is really makin u a awsome proposal and u knw who it is.yeap that who it is BIG RIG awwww he is so cute love him for u

  2. Personally Big Rig is my favorite guy - but it looks like he done hooked up with Marcia from Rock of Love Bus. Check out his Myspace page!