Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun - Victoria Laurie

When M.J. agrees to use her paranormal abilities on a new TV show called Haunted Possesions, she hopes her gift will not be exploited. Neither M.J. nor her fellow medium realizes how much they'll need to sharpen their psychic skills when one of the objects - a knife - turns out to open a portal that releases a demon.

With a beast from the lower realms on the loose in the haunted hotel where she's staying, M.J. gets the point: She and her team of ghost hunters must find a way to give evil an early checkout before the demon carves through the hotel's guests like a knife through butter.
(My Turn)
I adore this light hearted, fast paced, quirky series. This is the 3rd installment of Victoria Laurie's Ghost Hunter Mysteries and it it by far the best in the series.

This book finds MJ, Gilley, and Stephen (Doc is missing for the majority of the story) in California - since Gilley has convinced MJ that she needs to participate in a haunted antiques show. Cue up the super swany hotel, "The Duke aka the Worlds Most Haunted Hotel" (what was Gilley thinking). The trio has barely arrived before being held up by a dead body/police investigation and that's just the beginning of their troubles. More than one former guest or employee is still hanging around, phoney mediums abound, and there are a few more bodies to be found. Oh, and did I mention that there's a demon on the loose? While MJ is using her powers to help stranded souls cross, there's an introduction of a new medium, and the atmosphere is as creepy as desired.

On the down side - the police detective is a joke, the main "mystery" leaves a lot to be desired, and the ending appears to be rushed. The relationship between MJ and Stephen doesn't advance as much as desired, but it does seem to be as strong as ever.

Overall, its a very engaging story, and its difficult to put down, just ask my husband or my nephew.

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