Recap 4-27 to 5-3

4-27 Good news - I got my little freezer today. My parents decided that I needed the extra room since I've been meal planning / sticking with meal planning / healthy eating. Hopefully I'll get a better picture up, but here ya go. Bad news - DH is out of a job, this economy sucks. Time to pull the belt tighter and turn off a few extras.

4-28 I'm off to see the Hair Maestro this morning (and no this is not an unnecessary expense - it makes me feel better about myself & then I handle everything better) - picture to be updated this evening. I can't wait. I'm chopping all my hair off (again) and going blonde (again). I'm sooooooooo happy.

Hey too cool - got an invite to a ritual for the weekend. I can't wait.

4-29 Working tonight w/someone - that is just too weird, but hey if the job wants to pay 2 to work, why not. Getting off in am & taking a much needed break. Going to the grocery store. Gotta pay some bills. And the I'm going to bed.

And I did - got off work, went to mom's, picked her & the neffie up, went to the grocery store (okay commissary, farmer's market, and Asian grocery), dropped them off, paid some bills, took my booty home, put all the food up, and the crashed for 12hours. I need that!

4-30 Well, I got up, went to the bank - paid 2 more bills - then drove to the rent's, hung out and played with neffie for a bit, then got a call from work, they needed me in to work this evening (hey cool - overtime), sorry mom I won't be able to stay for dinner. And I was leaving to go to work - DH pulls in and evidently his tire/ball bearing/joint something went hokey - cause his tire exploded and the whole back end of the car was smoking!!!!! John says he'll look at it over the weekend. Oh Well - life - what else can you say????

Went to work, had some fun, got off work, came home, DH had a steak bone for my baby to gnaw. That was the cutest thing, the bone was bigger then the puppy, and he learned to growl. (one of the cats got in the house). And WOW - mom that steak was out of this world good!!!

5-1 Cake baking extravaganza - Okay - for those of you who know me in RL - you know that I love to create. Well one particular adopted neice is turning 5 on Monday (her party is on Sunday. Well it poses to be a LARGE party & I got the request for a cake to fit the number of people. HEHEHE - Blake you got cake to last for days.

And I got my Ichiban Kan order in today -

5-2 LONG DAY!!!! Got off work this morning - went home, got into it with DH, then went to bed.

Woke up early, got dressed, headed out to a preritual cookout with some wonderful friends. Now that was fun - good food, Blackberry Wine, and Tarot cards - gotta love life.

5-3 And it is the day that will not stop. Got off work, had to call the boss, Beltane rite, take the cake to Angier, Birthday party, home for enchilada making, over to mom's, then off to visit another friend. And I've been up since 4:30p yesterday. Make it stop PLEASE!!!

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  1. Don't forget, you don't know anything and you don't count, LOL.