Dark Nights, Dark Dreams - Savannah Russe

Misc Info: 2008,
Fantasy Romance (this is laughable)
Signet Eclipse
Book 1 to a new series

Para 999 Challenge; Take a Chance

(Publisher Bits)
Introducing the sisterHOOD of the sight
The first in an all-new series featuring sexy paranormal romance, government secrets, and female special-ops with very special talents.

Government agent Susan Chase always kept her psychic abilities a secret. Now her secret is out and the C.I.A. needs her help. A highly classified all- female team of paranormal agents, Susan and her squad are now entrusted with the governments most unusual and dangerous assignments.
(My Turn)
Argh - what's up with the mislabeling of books. This was so not a Paranormal Romance it's not even funny, at best Urban Fantasy, or in this case really bad book.

This is labeled the first in her new Sisterhood of the Sight series. It's supposed to be about a team of paranormal CIA agents. That sounds interesting and cool right? Unfortunately, this book was so bad I wouldn't even give it away and I will not even consider picking up anything else in this series.

This is Sam Chase's story. She has a gift, one she doesn't want and can't return to the local Target. She has a voice in her head that tells her when she’s in danger. After multiple narrow escapes the CIA picks up on this fact. And like the bad guys that every one thinks they are they "coerce" her into joining a special task force (Angel Way) for paranormal crimes. Now Angel Way alone is too hooky for words considering the members are a witch, a Vodou Bokor, and a murderess. And please someone explain Ms Z's character to me, I couldn't get anywhere beyond what a bitch.

Any ways back to the book - their first case: A suspicious body snatch/grave robbing from Arlington National Cemetery & of course the DOD has to have their hands in the pie. So they throw the monkey wrench aka investigator Lance “Bear” Rutledge. He's a skeptic of all things para so Sam must constantly come up with excuses when her visions lead to breakthroughs. Mrs Russe tried to force a relationship between Lance & Sam, but wow they have zero, none, nada, zero, zilch chemistry. So sex scenes between then were stale and flat. From the first oh shit we kissed moment to the completion of the act. And while I'm on that topic - hey publisher 2 kisses and 2 half hearted attempts at sex do not make a ROMANCE novel.

And don't get me started on the paranormal aspect of the plot. It was a mess from the get go. Squiggly wormy brains & still beating hearts, ghosts that talk but don't answer the question, a missing cat about to be set of fire, baby thief, and the Oil Barron Prince. Oh yeah and let's not forget at the heart of this drab tale it's all about zombies. Now don't get me wrong, I like zombies if it is a well written book. (Cough, LKH early stuff.) And normally I don't mind a mixed up disorganized mess of magic but this book just made me roll my eyes. It's utterly inconceivable and made for a very poor read.

Dark Nights, Dark Dreams does nothing to make up for the mess. Quite simply, I didn’t like the characters, the relationships, the gore, the plot, the conclusion, or even the writing. And there's nothing left after all of that..
This book was chosen using the Take a Chance Challenge guidelines of Public Spying. I saw a chick reading it at Cuppy's Coffee, local coffee shop, and without asking her just wrote down the title & author. WOW big mistake.


  1. Oooooh...so sorry this "chance" didn't work out for you at all ... but it did result in a bit of an amusing review from my perspective!

  2. Not every chance is going to work out - but hey it could have been a GREAT book.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up! It looks interesting on the face of it...

  4. anothercookiecrumbles - this book was really not my cup of tea. Scattered, bad writing, poor choices. It looked great from the cover - sounds perfect in theroy - just bombed in execution.