Timeless Treasures

For those of you who know my family situation, you know that my mom (Gee-Gee) looks after my nephew while his mommy & daddy go to work. Well today Gee-Gee wanted a day off, so I volunteered to take the munchkin for a little while (ended up being 1030a-3p), so she could have her girls day & my dad (Pa) could get some work done.

So any ways - I picked up the neffie & we headed out and about to see what kind of "trouble" we could get into right. I asked him about every question under the sun - wanna see a movie (no), indoor playground (no), shopping (NO!), chase trains (no) - okay what do you want to do? Chuck E Cheese! Aunt Wee! Chuck E Cheese! I didn't have any other ideas - so cool lets go.

******And I'm not going to spoil my wonderful day by realizing his father is a dick and got pissed because I took my nephew out for the day. Oh well, deal with it Beavis!******

So anyways we got to CEC and when my horoscope came in today. "Not every gift has to be a thing, you know. Sometimes your time and attention make a great present." No joke that's what it said.

I ended up spending less than I would have thought and had ALOT more fun than an adult should have inside of place for kids (some of the moms thought I was a little too childish - but hey I'm an Aunt not the Momma!

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