Book: Demon in My View

Ameilia Atwater-Rhodes
Young Adult
Random House Childrens Books /September 2001
Mass Market / 192 Pages
Series: Den of Shadows

Though nobody at her high school knows it, Jessica is a published author. Her vampire novel, Tiger, Tiger, has just come out under the pen name Ash Night. Now two new students have just arrived in Ramsa, and both want Jessica’s attention. She has no patience with overly friendly Caryn, but she’s instantly drawn to Alex, a self-assured, mysterious boy who seems surprisingly familiar. If Jessica didn’t know better, she’d think Aubrey, the alluring villain from her novel had just sprung to life. That’s impossible, of course; Aubrey is a figment of her imagination. Or is he?

I picked this book up because a friend asked me to read over it for their tween. (Just a note - buy the 1st book next time)

What I liked the Most? The concept in this book was interesting. I need to go back and read In The Forests of the Night.

What I liked the Least? I didn't like Amelia Atwater Rhode's writing, though a lot of people would disagree with me. I could tell through her words that she was a young girl, though many people praise her for her literary skill.

Review: This is the story of teenager Jessica Ashley Allodola. Jessica is a beautiful, green-eyed, black haired, pale skin girl with a major chip on her shoulder. No matter what she looks like the people in her town avoid her entirely. At her high school in fact, many people are afraid to be even near her because they are convinced she is a witch.

So instead of trying to bond with any real people Jessica instead writes books about vampires and witches which she publishes under the pen name of Ash Night. Jessica has always had a fascination with the vampire world, which suits her so much better than the human one she lives in. Then one the first day of senior year she starts to think there might be more than her imagination.

Recommended to: Fans of young adult books written by young adults

Best Quote: "Are you stalking me?" - Jessica

Challenges: 100+, Para999, August

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