Book: Gifts From the Child Within

Dr Barbara Sinor
Self Help
Loving Healing Press (LHP) / 2nd ed 2008
Quality / 223 Pages

Gifts From the Child Within brings a refreshing approach to guiding its reader to understanding the initial or underlying basis to their emotional suffering due to past childhood trauma. This recovery book is geared toward both professional and layperson. Its pages are filled with offerings from psychological, physiological, and spiritual perspectives which takes the reader on a journey into the soul. It is written with sensitivity and clarity inviting the reader to search within for healing.

I picked this book up because Review Book

What I liked the Most? The exercises designed to help you get in touch with yourself.

What I liked the Least? Random disjointed quotes. For me they were distracting.

Review: Dr Sinor also does not believe that recovery should be forced upon anyone - as noted by her comment “Each individual must proceed through his\her life discoveries, or in therapeutic intervention at one’s own rate with one’s own sense of how things are and with one’s own resolutions.” And so she creatd the blueprint for empowering yourself by working with body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Now this sounds a bit like lunacy, connect all of the "aspects" of oneself - but it does lead to healing, holisticly. She encourages the person in recovery to proceed at their own pace for healing, don't rush.

This book teaches you how to get in touch with your inner child in order to release negative emotions. To truly live in the moment - you must be willing to let go of the past.

You could really tell that Barbara Sinor, PhD, has professional & personal experience in dealing in this type of recovery, as she uses self-disclosure to present some very powerful examples about her own healing.

Recommended to: anyone who has abuse in their childhood, friends and family of those abuse victims, anyone who wants to understand

Best Quote: "Mom, (codependency) just means that you cared so much for Daddy taht somewhere along the way you lost yourself."

Challenges: 100+


  1. This is such a tough subject! Nicely done.

  2. Thanks J.Kaye and it was a really touching book.

  3. On behalf of Barbara and myself, thank you for your kind words. Interested readers may care to visit Dr. Sinors site at

    thanks again!